Beer Garden Fun

Last night there was a pop-up beer garden in the park near Krystyn’s house, so Cari and Krystyn and I all felt like we had to “pop” in!  Röbert was a little late from work, but he hadn’t seen the kids all day so I am sure he was fine taking them out for dinner and bathing them and getting them to bed.  They were all wound up from the summer dollar matinee I brought them to yesterday afternoon.  It was some old movie called “Three Ninjas”.  Who knows?  I loaded them up with treats, got them seated and went out to the lobby to read my twitter feed.  Some of the other parents were so rude!  Sure my kids might make a lil’ noise during the movie.  Who cares?  Did you expect to really enjoy a movie called “Three Ninjas”?  Whatever.

‘The beer garden was a hoot.  Krystyn got as lil’ tipsy and ended up taking off most of her clothes because she was hot.  LOL!  We ran into Ty and his hipster friends playing skeeball.  It was so nice to see my old buddy again and he just seems happier than I have seen him in a long time.

Today is the christening of Röbby’s grad school roommate’s daughter.  It is at an actual church three hours away in the middle of nowhere, with a backyard reception in the 95 degree heat afterward.  I had been looking forward to going and discussing people I had never met with people I will never enjoy, but unfortunately I woke up with a my grain again.  When will this curse of my grains ever end for me?  I try to be brave, but it is truly a burden I struggle to bear.  Anywho, Röbert took the kids and i am at home alone, suffering.  Becuase my head is hurting so badly, I can’t even concentrate on PBS so I am watching Teen Mom 2.  Oh Leah, never change.

Röbby looked so cute in his suit, but I know he is going to be hot in this weather.  I wish I could have gone.

Röbby looked so cute in his suit, but I know he is going to be hot in this weather. I wish I could have gone.

13 thoughts on “Beer Garden Fun

  1. Proud Coparent of Three

    While I can not imagine leaving my children alone in a theater (whose going to apply the purell, Lah Lee!) I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to the baptism – being present for a new life is such an honor. I know it had to break your heart to not celebrate another family’s shining moment!


    1. What the what...?

      Movie Theaters? YUCK! Have you thought about using Uber in the future? You could just pay the Uber driver to hang with the kids!


  2. Rose Lens

    Yes– Supplementary Angels–Medical Marijuana will help with not only those my grains, but with getting thru the day!


    1. Rose Lens

      You have me thinking. With Marijuana you run the risk of uncontrolled eating, with pills there are no calorie concerns.


      1. Cindy McCain

        This is very true. You can see I certainly kept my figure (I was a beauty queen, you know) and the pills certainly didn’t hurt! Hahaha! Oh those were lovely days when I had so many prescriptions I could just TOSS them up in the air and let them flutter down around me like Mary Tyler Moore.


  3. Jumped the Sheep

    I cannot believe Robert left you home alone to suffer your my grain! I understand that christenings only happen once per person but surely someone was videotaping it so Robert’s friend could have just sent him a copy. After your stressful week at the lake, making sure your family made long lasting memories, you really deserve some pampering!



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