Missed Opportunities

At the beginning of a vacation, I always feel like I have all of the time in the world to do anything I want.  A lil’ catalog shopping, checking up on a few facebook friends (and frienemies, lol!), getting enviable vacation photos…  Here I am on my last day and I am regretting being so laid back and a fun mum this year, because there are so many pictures my friends will expect to see, and I just don’t have them. 😦  There is no silhouette of children jumping off the dock holding hands, no ice cream dripping on the hand shot, no sleeping with daddy in the hammock shot, no photo of a small hand wrapped trustingly in my beautifully manicured larger (but not overly large) hand.  Why did I waste an entire day letting the children play, and another entire day with that miserable bitch, Kathy?

Yesterday I got the children up early and we constructed a boat out of some cardboard boxes and then spent several hours painting it.  I hate it when these things look slapped together, so Merlin had to get that paint just perfect.  We finished just before dinner and I managed to get the perfect shot of children’s carefree joy as they played together on a lazy summer day.  I nearly lost it with Merlin because he leaned into a wet patch and got some on his sailor suit, but he was able to scrub it out last night.

Ahoy mateys.  We are bound for Imagination Island!

Ahoy mateys. We are bound for Imagination Island!

This morning Röbby had planned a very early fly fishing excursion with the kids.  He knows my opinion on very early anything, so he said I could sleep in.  I managed to talk him out of taking the kids.  He deserves a lil’ time to himself too and you just know Merlin would have scared the fish away with his incessant chatter.  As soon as Röb left, I got everyone up and we went for a quick photo session with a nearby photographer.  I wanted some fall shots, so the kids wore sweaters despite the heat.  Hummus was pretending he was going to faint, which was hilarious!

Everything is so dry around here from some stupid drought everyone can't shut up about, that it is ruining a lot of my planned shots.  Look at that grass!

Everything is so dry around here from some stupid drought everyone can’t shut up about, that it is ruining a lot of my planned shots. Look at that grass!

I then put the boys in the car for an hour or so to have a little rest while we got a few quick shots for a modeling or maybe pageant portfolio.

She looks like an angle!

She looks like an angle!

Röb managed to spend hours fishing today and brought home no fish.  Typical!  He just went into town to get everything for a weenie roast.  I hope he isn’t serious about the hot dogs, but you never know with that man!  I am going to take a nice long shower and just relax from my stressful day.

15 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities

  1. Jules

    OMG pageants are such a great idea for your Starling!1!!!1 You could totes buy dresses secondhand on ebay or even at Goodwill and then teach Merlyn how to altar them for Starling’s svelte physique!! Roeb couldn’t complain about the cost, Merlin learns a job skill, and Starling gets to show the other pageant girls what real beauty looks like. Everybody wins!

    Ooooooo wonder if there are Mother Daughter pageants you could do?!


  2. SupplementaryAngels

    Hot Dogs? Are they paleo? Maybe he can get some of those that are made by that Jewish company? Hebrew something. They’re like Kosher and gluten free. I don’t know what kosher is, but I bet it means it’s healthier, and celebrates diversity.

    Maybe if you get some great pics of Robert roasting his weenie, they will use it in their adds. But they may be restrictive. Is Rob circumcised?


  3. Mom2Lex+Zander

    Lah Lee, you are so inspirational. You gave me a great idea: hire a photojournalist to follow you around on your next vacay!
    Your pictures are delightful.


    1. Equestrian pilates Mama

      Or enrol Merlin in a photography course. It’s obviously too late for this vacay, but next time he can be the family photographer. He’ll feel special and you will get some amazing family shots for your social media accounts. Wonderful.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. PSL Mama

    I am so sorry Lah Lee. Your vacation sounds absolutely DREADFUL. I feel so bad for you. You work so hard all year and all you wanted were some perfect photos of your beautiful family to share with the world. It’s not fair. You deserve so much more. I hope your last night is pretty awesome. Maybe Röbert will shoot off some fireworks over the lake for you all. Or you could get some of those awesome sparkler photos. They’re always a big hit on Intsagram and FB.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      My vacation was wonderful, despite some disappointing moments. Excuse you! My wonderful husband found a lovely rustic cabin with wifi and a full FIOS package. The general store has an excellent liquor store attached, and I was able to shop online. I was strong, and I even took some photos myself to fill out my vacation album. I think I might be a very talented photographer, despite having no training or experience. I think that I could probably download some free filters and editing packages and make a little money doing weddings and first communions if I wanted to.


  5. Mrs. Rothschild

    You are so self-serving, I mean sacrificing, for giving Röb a day to himself. Did you happen to do any paint-by-number projects? I read a few other mommy blogs, although of course yours is the best and most well-written, and painting by numbers seems to be a thing. You might want to check into it.

    I think the brown landscape wrought by the drought actually helps your faux fall photos look like they’ve actually been taken in the fall. That worked out pretty well. For whatever reason, fate always seems to smile on you, Lah Lee!


      1. Like2Buy Mom

        Those adult coloring books are, like, so hot right now. You’re always up on all the latest trends, LL! I swear if it wasn’t for your blog I’d still be doing things with my kids instead of making sure I get it all on film and then where would I be? Old with no pictures to show everyone how much parenting I did, that’s where!!

        Are you going to any blogger conferences anytime soon? I bet now that you’re a seasoned blogger you could even be a speaker!


  6. Proud Co-Parent of Three

    Setting aside our parenting differences, I can’t believe you allowed that Kathy women dictate a dreadful day of YOUR vacation. Idk I guess I’m one of those hip moms who would have told her to eat a bag of dicks whilst doing the jerk off motion and would have been on my way. Just sayin.



    Haha, toooo funny that your husband didn’t catch any fish after an entire day of trying. That must be pretty common. I watched a movie once about these two guys who went fishing together for YEARS and never caught a thing. I think it was called Brokeback Mountain? Anyway, even with the drought, your kids still took way better pictures than my kids have ever taken! Totes jelly!!




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