Leaving in the AM

I can’t believe it is only one more day to our perfect family vacay.  Cari and Krystyn are going to stop by every day to collect mail, switch our lights, and make sure that snake, Karen Sullivan, isn’t up to anything!

I am trying to whittle down my suitcases to two large ones and a big duffle bag.  It is so hard! I am thinking this top will work for the car ride up tomorrow.  It is a little Yodel-lay-ee-hoo/Heidi looking which is just the right note for the mountains, and comfy for the car.

I want to be comfortable and casual, and I think this works.

I want to be comfortable and casual, and I think this works.

I keep wondering if I should run out and buy something gingham.  Do I need a gingham dress?

Mr. Funny, aka Röbert told me last night that he would show me a photo of the house.  Then he showed me this:

Hahaha...so funny.  I would NOT be happy in a trailer.

Hahaha…so funny. I would NOT be happy in a trailer.

He said he knew that I would love it with the firepit and the twinkle lights.  I don’t know why I stay married to this guy!

Do I need cowboy boots?  What do you think.  I have a pair, but they may not be cute enough.  And I should probably get some fancy hiking boots, just in case.

8 thoughts on “Leaving in the AM

  1. Jules

    I’m pretty sure I saw that same exact trailer in American Horror Story. I’m not suggesting that Roeb is a maniac killer (LOLZ) but u might want to check his bag for duct tape and bleach just to be sure.

    So jealus!! Have fun! 😍


  2. Si'erra Kitewind

    I do a yearly back-to-nature retreat with my hubbie and lil angles. I set up a GoFundMe account to make it easier for our friends and family to sponsor us. We rent an RV and stock it Native Americans style with Pendleton blankets, beef jerky, dreamcatchers, etc. Fun! We stay for three days at a beautiful campground. It can get hot in summer, so we just run the generator all night.

    About the cowboy boots: a CLOSE friend of mine has an AMAZING pair of genuine pink cowboy boots. I think they’re from Zappo’s or WalMart. I can ask her, but she’s off the grid right now, totally unplugged, for either 30 days or 30 minutes, I forget which.


  3. Cindy McCain

    Cowboy boots are never not appropriate. I’d say you need 2 or 3 pairs just to be safe. Who knows what color the mud is where you’re going? You need a brown pair and a red pair at the very least.



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