So Disrespectful

Merlin called home a lil’ upset last night.  He is loving his ridiculous camp (I am sure it is nerd heaven!) but he said he overheard Mr. Williams shouting at someone on his phone yesterday and he doesn’t like to see him sad.  Poor Ty!  I wonder what could be bothering him so much?

I was worried that Renata might not have found his dog yet, so I drove by his house to see if I could spot Dementor, and I spotted a whole lot more!  There was an absolutely wild party going on at the house.  I have no idea how many people Renata even knows, but it seemed more like she had posted a “Free Kegger” sign at a local university rather than the little invite she had on her Facebook page to a couple of girlfriends yesterday.  She was (of course) crying in the front yard again.  It seems like that is all she does lately.  Someone must have called the police, because while I was driving by the craziness, several squad cars pulled up.  Uh-oh!  I hope there weren’t any underage people there.  That would reflect poorly on Ty as the homeowner and a local teacher.

It was too dark (and I was too shocked) to snap any pictures last night, but I did manage to get this one of the yard this morning.  Renata certainly seems pleased with the way she destroyed all of Ty’s hard work.

I would certainly never send this to Ty, but I may have to post it on Instagram.  She is not a good person.

I would certainly never send this to Ty, but I may have to post it on Instagram. She is not a good person.

I want to know if she was actually arrested so I am heading over to Cari’s to see if we can access the police database.  Cari is a whiz with computers!


10 thoughts on “So Disrespectful

  1. Cindy McCain

    Hmmm maybe you should drive up and talk to Ty in person. I’m sure he’d rather hear the bad news from a friend.

    As I always tell John, you can take the girl out of the 3rd world, but… well, I’m sure you can guess the rest. I’m sure Renata feels quite at home in her backyard now that it looks so much like Guatemala or Paraguay or whatever.


      1. Cindy McCain

        When he sees you he will be reminded of what a real wife can be. Renata will look like Romper Room when he sees how coolly beautiful and slender and graceful you are. So chic and so devoted to your children! Have you figured out what you’ll wear to the awards ceremony? Something casual and expensive will make all the chubby hubbies drool!


  2. Jules

    Whoa, that suxxx for Ty!! I bet he is feeling so upset and confused and alone right now. Well, except for his psycho girlfriend. Poor guy. I know you want to be a good friend to him.

    IDEA: Drop off a basket of baked goods on his front porch! Everybody loves baked goods. You could bake a tray of brownies and include a big sharp knife so he can cut the size portions he wants. I wouldn’t sighn your name because of your history with Ramada, BUT you could write a cute note that says something like: Just wanted U 2 NO I M watching! U R not alone! ❤ ❤ ❤ Or something cute like that!! Maybe even cut out the letters from magazines and glue them to the note to make it extra cute and fun!!


  3. Jumped the Sheep

    Oh my goodness! Now you know, Lah Lee, I understand that Ty is a very good friend of yours but do you think it is a good idea for your little boy Vermin to spend much time with him these days? Renata is a terrible influence and a very bad and ugly person and I’m worried that she might not only rub off on Ty but, god forbid, be around your precious lil boy.

    So sad to lose friends to dragon ladies, snakes, and witches but it might be best to distance yourself for awhile. That might be the wake up call Ty needs as he sees what this awful Rottena is costing him.


  4. Mheghann

    I can’t believe Renatta did that to Ty! You no that something like that is going to happen to Karen’s house now that she’s friends with that Snake. Although you probably wouldn’t even be able to tell with Karen’s yard lol.



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