Photos Don’t Lie!

Yesterday afternoon Starling was complaining about being bored, so I sent her out with a lil’ art project.  She took her camera and the telephoto lens and tried to get “arty” closeup shots of some of our neighbors.  She caught Renata out looking for Dementor mid-afternoon.  Poor Renata is not looking cute. Her skin is all broken out and she has dark circles under her eyes like she isn’t getting enough sleep. if I didn’t know better, I would say she contracted a bad case of pink eye too. Amber got it at horse camp last week, and Cari said you have to be very careful to change your sheets regularly. I hope she doesn’t end up with impetigo too, Amber also brought that back from horsey camp and it is very unsightly.

"Pretty Lady"

“Pretty Lady”

Amber and Starling were off to their art camp this morning, where I am sure they won’t be picking up skin diseases.  It is a very high end and expensive camp.  I raced over to drop Hummus at the gym and had a fun lunch with Cari and Krystyn.  We were looking at funny pictures and laughing and laughing.

14 thoughts on “Photos Don’t Lie!

  1. 12thFetus4Jesus

    I’ve raised my 11 littles in and out of trailer parks and I know that face real well. That face there is the picture of a meth addict. I don’t know how far away Staring was from Renata but no art activity is worth your child’s safety, Lah Lee!


  2. BusyMama

    Karma is a bitch. If she had only stayed away from such a good man who is way above her league the universe wouldn’t have had to make her even uglier and less marriageable.

    Essential oils are AWESOME for all skin gross stuff.


  3. Jules

    LOLZ!!! She looks ill and beyond gross. I totes looked like that when I was preggers with my first little. LOL. Not that Renadas knocked up.

    I mean, I she??!!!

    Jk. LOL


    1. Cindy McCain

      She can’t possibly be pregnant! I mean, they’re not married yet! I, for instance, certainly waited for John’s divorce to go through AND our wedding before I allowed that old man sperm anywhere near my beauty-queen ovaries.


  4. Knowitallmomma

    Oh goodness. That is not a pretty sight. But maybe, goodness forbid, she is with (ugh) child. Broken out, looks exhausted and she was looking puffy in that swim suit the other day. Oh lord help Ty if that’s the case.



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