Missing Dog! Again!

I had an extremely unpleasant wake-up call this morning.  At the crack of dawn, 9:45 or so, my doorbell rang and it was Karen Sullivan!  Röbert was out running with Beefy, so I had to answer the door and talk to her.  How inconvenient for me.

Anyway, sometime yesterday, while she and Renata were lounging around her backyard together, Ty’s dog, Dementor, escaped from his house.  Renata was supposed to do one thing, and that was to take care of his beloved dog while Ty was away, and she completely, completely failed at that.

I don’t know why Karen thought I would have seen Dementor. I guess probably because I was so good at finding Beefeater when she kept losing him last year, but she seemed a lil’ accusatory, and I certainly took offense!

Jesus on toast!  I'd feel bad for her if she hadn't proven herself to be a complete and total snake, many times!

Jesus on toast! I’d feel bad for her if she hadn’t proven herself to be a complete and total snake, many times!

Anywho, she said that Renata had been up all night looking for Dementor, and she was going to look for a couple of more hours before letting Ty know, because we all know how much he loves that lil’ guy.

After she left I had a thought.  Renata was at Karen’s yesterday when we got home from dropping off Merlin.  Maybe Ty actually took the dog to camp with him.  Of course I texted him to check it out.  “Hey Ty.  I was wondering whether you took Dementor with you?  He hasn’t been seen since you left and I have been beside myself about it.  Renata seemed to have a nice day sunbathing yesterday.  Hugs.”

I didn’t hear back from him right away.  He probably wanted to check in with Renata about her tan or something.  I was going through some pictures I took of Hummus yesterday to pick one out for an online “Beautiful Baby” contest and guess what I spotted in the background of one?

Can you see him?  That dog is running for his life!

Can you see him? That dog is running for his life!

Poor Dementor looks terrified!  If I had noticed him running by, I am not sure i would have felt comfortable putting him back in the care of Renata.  She clearly was abusing him like she used to abuse babies.

I am getting more and more worried about Ty!

11 thoughts on “Missing Dog! Again!

  1. Ann

    Renata was so cruel to little Hummus and now she has “lost” Dementor? It’s a very concerning pattern of behavior. I’m worried about that poor pup. I hope he’s okay and she hasn’t done anything to hurt him, especially since he looked so scared in that picture. Maybe he was getting too much of Ty’s attention and she got jealous? That’s really scary stuff! I hope Ty sees her true self before he does something he will regret.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      She is just not a good person, Ann. If I hadn’t seen her with my own eyes yesterday, laughing and day drinking with her new “friend” while that poor dog was running freely through traffic and who knows what, I would not have believed it. If she ever has children she will just be forgetting and leaving them hither and thither so she can party with her elderly, overweight friends..


  2. Jumped the Sheep

    If she can’t hold onto a dog, no way will she hold onto a husband (ahem, Karen). So this may be a good thing.


      1. Jumped the Sheep

        I will say, however, that there was no need for Karen to let herself go so completely. The weight gain, the lack of concern about skincare, and now her poor choice in friends really isn’t the way to go. Look at Mitch! He’s still looking as good as his bank account after the split and he’s socializing with the right people.

        Sigh. I really hope your property values aren’t affected by this person. But she’s old right? Maybe she’ll move into a retirement community with some of those friends she had over the other day.


  3. Notacatlady

    I know you are such a good friend to Ty, but I wonder that you didn’t recognize Deementer when you saw him. You could have really been Ty’s hero if you found the poor thing running wild.


  4. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    I once read an article on one of my favourite sciencey websites, The Daily Mail, about a poor dog that was abandoned at a train station with a suitcase of his belongings. Everyone was absolutely outraged and the lady who left him there even received death threats, since it had all gone viral!
    I hope Renata hasn’t abandoned poor Dementor somewhere. Ty would never forgive her!


  5. Cindy McCain

    My heavens, Lah Lee! Must you take care of EVERYONE? Do you ever get a moment’s rest when your kids or your husband or your NEIGHBORS aren’t banging down the door trying to get you to solve the problems THEY created? You poor dear. You are so poised and calm under all this stress but PLEASE everyone else in Lah Lee’s life, GIVE HER A BREAK.



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