TBT…College Daze

I don’t know why I have been rifling through my old photos lately.  It is wonderful to look back and admire myself at all the ages and stages.  It is funny, but I don’t think I ever was awkward.

I believe that I have shared this photo of Röbert before, taken back when he was still in grad school.  He was kind of a hippy type, out to save the world, and with the worst taste in women, until I reformed him!

Ugh!  The hoodie and the hair!  But he was always as cute as a button!

Ugh! The hoodie and the hair! But he was always as cute as a button!

I guess he did have a little bit of an awkward stage, LOL!

This is a picture of me at around the same time.  I am several years younger than Röbby, so I look like a baby compared to him, I know.  But I was a cool young coed, and sparks flew almost immediately.

I loved those earrings!  It was before I knew about real jewelry, of course.

I loved those earrings! It was before I knew about real jewelry, of course.

I wish I could go back and tell that young lady how wonderful her life would always be once she married this wonderful man.  She knew it, naturally.  She always did live a blessed life, but it would nice to hear it from her future self.


12 thoughts on “TBT…College Daze

  1. BusyMama

    Lahlee you are such an inspiration or should I say THINSPIRATION, look at your body after three kids and you are a slim as you were then. It is awesome that such a busy Mama like you can keep the show on the road and look so amazing and slim.

    R is so lucky he met you and fell in love so he could improve his looks.

    #inspiring #starlingtakenote.


  2. Nevaeh and Brecken's Mommy

    Wow can’t believe Röbby had long hair! What grad program did he do? Actually I just realized that I don’t know what he does now for work. And I thought I was a faithful internet bestie!!1!!!11!


  3. Mrs. Rothschild

    OMG Lah Lee! I didn’t know Röbby was in a Hanson-style boy band back in the day! That’s so crazy! What instrument did he play, or was he a lead singer?

    I was trying to guess what he studied in grad school. I was thinking MBA at first, but then looking at that hair and outfit, I’m certain that can’t be the case and he must have been a philosophy or gender studies grad student. Am I right?

    You were just so, so, beautiful back then! And of course your hair was just like Jennifer Aniston’s. You’ve clearly always had such a sense of style. That definitely hasn’t changed over the years.


  4. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Wow! You look just like Starling in your photo! You could be twinsies!
    Lucky for Röbert that you saw through his rough exterior and built your happy, happy life with him. If his taste in women was anything like his taste in hooded sweatshirts, then he needed all the help he could get, LOL.


    1. Cindy McCain

      Seriously. I guess they hadn’t invented conditioner back then, ha ha! Lah Lee do you have Spanish blood? Those curls! They look just like a Quinceanera girl! No wonder Robs loves you so much, all that hot-blooded action you must be giving him!


  5. SugarToes

    Gorgeous pictures!!! You are such a generous person, sharing those with us all!! You can tell, even beneath the hoodie and all of that hair, that he was made just for YOU. And, of course, it doesn’t matter what he does for a job!! All that matters is that he makes good money and comes home to YOU each night!!!


  6. Ludmilla

    Lol, Ty probably thinks he can make over Renata like you made over Robert. Maybe you and Robert are TOO inspirational — people are marrying whoever comes along just so they can be more like you!



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