Pretty Lady

This morning I just got dressed like any gal from my town generally does; cute running shoes, a pair of form-fitting athletic shorts and a scoop t-shirt for running my errands and going to the gym for a few minutes while the kids slept in.  Everywhere I went it seemed like people were calling out, “Hey pretty lady!” to me.  I had never noticed it before.  I guess it is so common for people to refer to me as a “pretty lady” that it became part of the background noise in my life.  But today I decided to really listen!  It is nice to be reminded that even at my most basic level of “dressing up”, people still see my loveliness inside and out!  Especially the guys working on the bank building across from the Starbucks.  They noticed me and appreciated me all 11 times I jogged by.

I wasn't even dressed up at all, and it wasn't stupid half-blind little children.  I suppose I do look pretty, especially when compared to some people who are considered fitness trainers in my lil' neck of the woods.

I wasn’t even dressed up at all, and it wasn’t stupid half-blind little children. I suppose I do look pretty, especially when compared to some people who are considered fitness trainers in my lil’ neck of the woods.

14 thoughts on “Pretty Lady

  1. Anonymous

    Pretty please, where did you buy that gorgeous top? Is it Anthro?

    Also, where did you buy Merlin’s shirt (from your Rotten Kid post)? My little Marlin might just need one (if it comes in baby sizes, he just turned 2 months!)

    I just moved to the area! Is running by that Starbucks your usual route? Maybe we’ll run into each other!


  2. Big Fan

    Laa Lee you are such an inspiration to me.
    I don’t know how you manage your charming children, your beautiful home, your gorgeous dog, all the good works you do, care for your hunky husband, stay so fit and beautiful, AND manage to keep your blog updated so faithfully each day!
    You are truly beautiful inside and out.


  3. BusyMama

    Lol I can’t even go running without all the attention from guys. I’m so happily married and my amazing husband is so in love with me and would NEVER CHEAT like that scheming bitch claimed to try to break us up. But sometimes the lil whistles are nice to get, am I right??

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  4. Becky Becca

    OF COURSE you’re pretty no matter how dressed up you are. Jennifer Lawrence isn’t less pretty just because she’s wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants, you know?
    My sister says that having people whistle and call out at you is sexist and demeaning, but I think she’s just jealous because it hardly ever happens to her. She can’t really get away with dressing down like you. Plus, she doesn’t even have Lululemon yoga pants. Hers are from Target or somewhere gross. I think she mostly gets pity whistles. It’s sad, really.

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  5. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    You’re so naturally pretty, but in my opinion, you truly shine when you’re all gussied up like you were in your glamour portraits. You’re probably asked this all the time, but have you and Starling even considered entering Mama-daughter pageants? You would look amazing in all the costumes! Merlin could even sew them!

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  6. marymary

    It’s against rules for construction workers in the uk to whistle or make comments. That must be why I don’t get any.


  7. Cindy McCain

    That’s sweet that the working class still appreciates a lil pudge. The workingmen around here are not allowed to look directly at us (of course we’re so skinny if we turn sideways we disappear! So chic!) and of course a catcall would get them deported to a much worse place than wherever they are actually from.



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