10 thoughts on “Poor, Poor Ty

  1. HotWifeSuperMom

    Nowak? That’s a Slavic Jewish name. Renata must be adopted! How can Ty marry an adoptee? Ughh. He’s never going to get into the country club now.


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    Woah! I never saw THAT coming! I thought you said they’d broken up and Renata had moved away! Weird.

    So did Karen host their engagement party on the 4th, and is that why Renata was there? I wonder why you weren’t invited–I mean, you and Ty are such dear friends.

    Well, what a lucky coincidence that Röbert rented a house at the lake for that night. Good lord, you wouldn’t have wanted to hear all the celebrating for a relationship you think is doomed. Yikes.


  3. PSL Mama

    Oh my. This is not good. Not good at all! Lah Lee, I thought you were like his best friend and confidante. Wouldn’t he have discussed the with you first?! You have to find a way to talk some sense into him and FAST!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      It is so strange. He is not any place I usually expect to see him and he hasn’t returned a single one of my text messages. I am beside myself. I hope she hasn’t harmed him!


  4. Pesky Boys

    Renata is clearly blackmailing him, tricking him into marriage AND not allowing him to contact you. I agree that it’s time for police action. Bless you for caring so much about your friend.

    I wonder if Renata would lower her guard around Ty, if Merlin contacted Ty, perhaps from a public phone in another state? Maybe Merlin could be in the wilderness alone and ask Ty about camping tips? I remember that Ty likes camping.


  5. Cindy McCain

    Well if I’ve learned anything from hiring people to raise my children, it’s that you have to let the kids make their own mistakes sometimes. Congratulate him on his starter marriage and reassure him you will be available ANY LITTLE OLD TIME for a shoulder to cry on when the bloom inevitably fades.



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