Fireworks on the Lake

Röbert and I had words last night about Karen.  Of course he agrees with me that she is pathetic and gross, but he wants me to be “the better person” and just ignore her.  For some reason he thought I would somehow try to ruin her lil’ party.  What am I? Magical Lah Lee?  I can just grow wings and fly back home?  I let him know that I was so far above those kinds of high jinx and I was insulted he thought I would consider wasting one second of my time on Karen “Fat Ass” Sullivan and her stupid party.

We had a magical evening on the lake, eating a picnic Röbby had ordered from the local gourmet shop and drinking cocktails on the dock.  He is truly the best father and hubby the world has ever known, and he loves me so much. The kids were jumping in the water, but fortunately they knew enough to jump off the part of the dock that wouldn’t get me wet.  As it got darker you could see boats pulling up to the middle of the lake for fireworks.  I wanted a boat!  The boats are so cute and I really want one.  The dock was great, of course, but a nice little boat would make it even better!

The boats look like fun.  I wish I'd had a boat.

The boats look like fun. I wish I’d had a boat.

We slept in this morning and then headed home.  I had a lil’ my grain but Röbert took the kids to this breakfast diner for flapjacks while I took a nap in the car.  Flapjacks sound so old timey western.  Are they like griddle cakes or something?

Cari stopped by to show me pictures from the black tie dinner last night.  Apparently Sammi got drunk and kissed a couple of the husbands.  We might need a new person for our lil’ book group!  If you like high minded literature and champagne tastings, let me know.

Cari had also happened to stop by my yard to make sure no one was stealing my lawn furniture and snapped a photo of Karen’s lil’ event from up in my copper maple.

Gosh, that looks like a wild party.  I am heartbroken that I wasn't invited.

Gosh, that looks like a wild party. I am heartbroken that I wasn’t invited.

I don’t see anyone I know, not that I thought my friends would attend that kind of party.  I just worry about her bringing the wrong element into my back yard, literally.

8 thoughts on “Fireworks on the Lake

  1. Ceecee

    Why oh why is your darling man wasting his breath defending that horrid Karen the dog abuser?!!! I am a staunch defender of animal rights and I still can not believe that hideous woman is not in some kind of dog jail after what she has put your family through.
    Her party looks really stupid.
    I am sure the fireworks on your lake were much more fun than her dumb party.
    I am impressed that Hummus is such a swimmer at his tender age. Between swimming and tennis, he is such a lil prodigy. You have the best family ever!


  2. Equesteian Pilates Mama

    Karen’s yard is such an eyesore. Rickety fences, overgrown trees and is that some kind of brown statue behind the bushes? How tacky.


  3. Amy

    Looks like there is something popping up in her garden! Maybe a pesky cockroach (like the one in the cafe not long ago). Karen really needs to get her life in control.
    Your dear husband seems very cranky lately! Maybe some more one on one time with the kids is needed?


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Ugh! That is worse than a cockroach. I am contacting the police about an order of protection!

      Röbby is a sweety, but work is crazy for him right now. All I can do is love and support him.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      We have a lovely vacation planned for later in the summer. I am not sure why my sweet husband planned a night away except that he wanted me all to himself.



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