Sick Whip

Mitch is very much in love with my dear friend Cari, but he still has to work, managing his investments and the foundation he runs.  This week he is out of town for a few days, so Cari and I have been spending a lot of time together.  She called me this morning, quite giddy, because she had heard from her friend, who works as a private nurse for “James”, that “James” was back in town.  We were both excited to see what mischief we could get into with him.  He is such a cutey!  Cari always says he is “97 years young”.  Even though she is in a new relationship, she will always be dear, dear friends with “James”.

When we got to his estate it was a little hard for me to understand what he was talking about, but Cari knew right away that he wanted to buy her a new car for the summer.  I had to dash to pick up Hummus from the gym child care (they get so mad when you are late and are always accusing me of not being in the gym), but Cari and James came by to see me on their way home from the car lot.

Normally "James" doesn't drive, but he apparently was quite forceful about wanting to drive the new convertible!

Normally “James” doesn’t drive, but he apparently was quite forceful about wanting to drive the new convertible!

Cari has had some hard times in her past, including her tragic divorce from Amber’s dad, so it is nice to see her having a lil’ fun.

Meanwhile, whatever happened to watermelon seeds?  The gym finally found someone to take over the child care and she is old and not terribly attractive.  Hopefully they will give her a discount at the salon.  But she used to be an actual teacher, so it is even more educational, which means that I really should have Hummus spend as much time there as possible.  Yesterday she handed out a “Summer Toddler Bucket List” to all of the families.  I posted a copy on my Summer Fun Pinterest board if anyone cares to see it.  I am trying to power through and do all of the fun stuff as quickly as possible so I can give Hummus an enchanted summer with as little inconvenience to me as possible.  Hummus had to stay up kind of late but I got about 1/2 of the items done yesterday.  He was being such a crybaby about being alone outside in the dark, but of course I can not spend every second watching him!

It would be great if I could bring him back today with all of it checked off so the new caregiver knows that I am the best, most caring Mama right off the bat, but I can’t find any watermelons with seeds and we are supposed to have him spit watermelon seeds.  I just got back from three grocery stores where I made sure the produce managers knew how unhappy I am.  Would it be okay to just spit hunks of watermelon?  What do you think?

9 thoughts on “Sick Whip

  1. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Spitting watermelon seeds? I wonder if there’s an app for that? That way he can still do the fun activities without all the mess.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I am not spitting, Cindy, just the kid. And he did it to complete the summer bucket list that was handed out at the gym. He has now had an ideal summer and I am free to concentrate on more important things for the next two months.


      1. Cindy McCain

        Well done! You are as efficient as a Chinese factory! I’m sure your product will be almost identical to a well-raised child.



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