A Nice Surprise

Poor Cari.  She is always thinking of others and just gives and gives, but she has her share of bad luck.   We both thought she had finally found true love when she met the dashing and extremely wealthy “James”, but it was not to be!  His cruel children were determined to split them up and forced poor “James” out to the family summer compound and away from Cari.  When she tried to call him they would make excuses like, “He is not agitated right now so we want to keep him calm,” or, “His nurse has taken him to see his dementia specialist.”  Obviously they were just making excuses to keep them apart.  She never stopped smiling, because that is just the way she is, but I could tell that it got her a lil’ down.

Well last night Röbert and I had her over for dinner and she brought a new beau.  Are you sitting down?  She is now dating Mitch and I think it might be getting serious.

They went out for a drink last weekend and they have been inseparable ever since.  It is one of those whirlwind things and I swear they would probably elope this weekend if he wasn’t stuck with the tedious Karen.  He is trying to be generous in his settlement with her, but Cari and I are both telling him to forget her.  She is a bad person who almost killed Beefeater!

They are absolutely adorable together!  Especially when you consider how wealthy he is.

They are absolutely adorable together! Especially when you consider how wealthy he is.

So I feel like an amazing matchmaker right now.  Forget Tindr, call Lah Lee!

I hope Karen wasn’t kept up by our late night carousing.  We brought speakers out to the backyard so we could all dance under the stars (and the twinkle lights which are low enough to be romantic, but make it bright enough that a person could see who was out there!) and that meant we were dancing under her bedroom window again.  Oh well.  Hopefully her psychiatrist has given her some pills or something.


4 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise

  1. suzy

    What a cute casual pictures of Cari! Why haven’t we seen any full outfit pictures of you lately? Carrying a little bundle of joy?


  2. PSL Mama

    Cari and Mitch look very happy together. How fun for you all to hang out together!
    She bounced back from the heartbreak with James quite quickly. Hope this is not a rebound.


  3. AbsaSteele

    Wow, that Cari is a fast worker!! She should be careful or people will start saying ugly things like she’s a gold digger or a tramp or something. Some people can be so caddy!!

    That white dress is doing her no favors, either. She’s got generous hips and thighs, which she can’t help, but that dress really accentuates them.

    I mean, I know she’s your gal pal, but I think Mitch could do better.



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