The Final Day

I just can’t believe today is the last day of school.  Merlin got all dressed up again.  I don’t know why, he doesn’t graduate for a couple more years.  Starling mentioned that he was getting some other kind of award or something at the final assembly.  How many awards does one kid need?  He came home with a pile of certificates yesterday and Starling didn’t even get one.  I called and gave them a piece of my mind.  She deserves awards and medals too.

Of course he will probably end up ruining this adorable suit!

Of course he will probably end up ruining this adorable suit!

When I arrived to drop them off this morning (I didn’t have time to go to that assembly.  Honestly. who does?) the vice principal ran up to my car and prevented my children from getting out with their lunches.  “Dismissal is at 12 sharp, Mrs. Smith, ” she told me.  It was almost as if she was waiting for me!

So I ended up picking them up at noon.  Cari grabbed Starling to have a playdate with Amber and Hummus was still at tennis, so it was just me and the chatterbox.  Ugh.  His special award today included a book as a part of it and he really wanted me to look at it with him.  I told him I would take a peek later, but I have no intention of doing that.  Next year they should give useful gifts, like eight weeks of sleep-away camp.

I decided to take him over to that little coffee shop near Ty’s house for lunch.  I was so surprised that Ty was there too!  He was alone, but had two salads on his table and two iced teas.  I asked if he was in training for a food eating contest and he just laughed.  I got a sweet picture of him with Merlin and then we decided to take our food to go. I couldn’t imagine sitting for thirty minutes just listening to Merlin go on and on about who knows what.

It is sad that Ty doesn't have a girlfriend, but I am glad that bitch Renata moved away.

It is sad that Ty doesn’t have a girlfriend, but I am glad that bitch Renata moved away.

Now Merlin is upstairs eating and playing with the electronics kit Ty gave him yesterday as one of his awards.  I wonder why Ty has taken such a special interest in my lil’ guy?  Hmmm.

I think I will make myself a lil’ afternoon G&T and go out back and take a much needed rest.  Being a SAHM during summer will give you a my grain!

8 thoughts on “The Final Day

  1. Big Fan

    I think that is sexist, giving Melin all those awards and nothing to your little Starving! Sometimes I think these schools just don’t see girls! I’m glad to hear you are standing up for her! Girl power!
    Btw do you think anyone at the school reads your blog? Maybe you shouldn’t have said on here that you were leaving the kids for lunch on the last day! Lol! Some of those lunchtime attendants are sharper than they look!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      You are right! Poor Starling! I made Merlin give her a bunch of his awards and then I bought her a nice American Girl horse for her Samantha dolls as a reward for great work.

      I should be more careful what i reveal on my blog. I didn’t even think the office ladies at the school could read anything beyond a Fifty Shades type book, let alone find my blog and read it, but I suppose it could happen.


  2. AbsaSteele

    OMG it looks like there is a small brown child playing peek a boo behind Ty! That is precious!! Does he volunteer to help underprivilegged minority kids too? I would totally not put that past him–he is a gem!


  3. equestrian Pilates mama

    Lol, you are a space cadet sometimes! Ty wanted you to join him for lunch! He must be lonely now that renata is completely gone and definitley not living with him. Men can be too embarrassed to admit to something like that, so next time just sit down and join him. Lol, at Iced teas, I would have had that creepy busboy come over and clear them away for some proper drinks!

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