Poll Update

Well my lil’ poll yesterday went extremely well!  Most people agreed that the best spot for us is a that modest beach villa, and you know that was my first choice as well.  If we could find one in an economically disadvantage region we might even have a cook and housekeeper during our stay.

If anyone is curious about what blog readers who voted “other” had to say, I just added them to the end of the poll.  LOL to whoever said Afghanistan.  I looked it up they have no beachfront at all.  And I have no idea why anyone would think I would want to follow Ty on his vacation.  That answer was just plain odd.  But thanks for the thoughtful ideas.  Especially Europe.

5 thoughts on “Poll Update

  1. HotWifeSuperMom

    Honestly Lah Lee, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just use Karen’s lake house. It’s not like she has a husband and children to go there with now. Her kids are all grown up, and obviously her smart, wealthy husband wants nothing to do with her anymore. Since you two aren’t getting along, perhaps you could have Robbie talk to her about it?


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I asked Röbert about Karen’s house, since it is on the beach and not the lake. The house is really Mitch’s and he and I are still friends, so I am sure he would be glad to lend it to us. It just makes Röbby super uncomfortable for some reason. Even though he wants to save money, he still doesn’t want to stay in that house at all. He is probably remembering how awful Karen was to me and doesn’t want to make me sad. He is so kind.

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  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    It’s too bad that Rôbert finds Mitch’s house a reminder of Karen’s awful treatment of you since it sounds like the perfect getaway, but that’s also really sweet of him. What if you opened a drawer in the kitchen or something and found evidence of Karen’s treachery? Like a photo of her feeding supe-fat Beefeater treats? How is Beefeater, by the way? In any case, the modest house at the beach looks perfect.


  3. Ludmilla

    I voted for the beach house, but whoever came up with finding out where Ty is going had a brilliant idea. For one thing, you two enjoy so many of the same things that you’re likely to end up at the same place anyway. For another, since he’s a single guy he’d probably really like to have you show up and keep him company. He’d probably even like to look after your kids while you and Robert go have some adult fun!


  4. Beauty addict

    Just don’t go any place that requires a passport! They confuse the heck out of me with all the dates and numbers and signatures and forms.



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