Final Day

Tomorrow is the last day of school and I just found out that it is a half day!  I have so much to get done before I experience the joy of being surrounded by my children all day everyday.  I asked everyone I know if they could watch my angles tomorrow afternoon, and no one can.  It seems that lots of families take their children out for special events after the last day of school.  Anywho, I am thinking of just packing a lunch for the kids, dropping Hummus at the gym and turning off my phone for the afternoon.  It is an old trick, but it is pretty effective.  The teachers love having a lil’ one on one time with Starling and I am sure Merlin can make himself useful.

Merlin was bugging me before school about some ceremony at school today.  I have no idea. Starling said it wasn’t important and only the moms of the real doofuses show up, so I am skipping it and getting a nice deep massage instead.  Then maybe a mani-pedi or something.

Merlin did comb his hair for the penultimate day.  It is strange how he loves school!

Merlin did comb his hair for the penultimate day. It is strange how he loves school!

We had some exciting news regarding Merlin.  I received notice from his teacher, Ty, that he qualified for some conference for the nerds in the state capitol.  It is a five day camp thing, and it is free.  He is also going to a soccer camp with some soccer team that Ty found for him.  Also free.  This loosens up money I won’t have to spend on him for 2 weeks this summer, so Starling can got to several weeks of art camp and horse camp with Amber.  It also makes our budget for our vacation even grander, I think.  I showed Röbert the poll last night and he said that even those modest homes might be too pricey and that he was working on something for us.  I reminded him that my blog readers want me to go to a beautiful white sand beach, and not one in New Jersey, and definitely no camping.  I think he is going to surprise me!

Off to the gym!

1 thought on “Final Day

  1. mrsbintraining

    Dear lord, Lah Lee, you CAN’T be seen at the Jersey Shore! What is Röbert even thinking? If you can’t go internationally, he should at least take you to Nantucket or California or something. Ugh, I bet he thinks a compromise is Rehoboth, Delaware… Say, is that where Mitch and the snake had a house?



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