Just for Fun

Yesterday I made a lil’ summertime purchase.  Let’s call it a gift for myself (and of course my darling man).  It is sporty and fun, not to mention clean and new, so I am sure i will use it a lot.

I have no idea why I suddenly wanted one so badly, I think it must be all of the photos I see of movie stars using them.  Anyway, a lil’ way to keep fun n’ fit this summer.

Cari got one too!

Ha ha!  I am sitting down on my new standing paddleboard.  Cari and I covered every square inch of the coastline after school yesterday.  We didn't see another soul.

Ha ha! I am sitting down on my new standing paddleboard. Cari and I covered every square inch of the coastline after school yesterday. We didn’t see another soul.

9 thoughts on “Just for Fun

    1. Mrs. Rothschild

      Wow, that’s pretty catty, EPM! I think Lah Lee’s stomach looks great for someone who’s had three kids! I bet YOU’RE not brave enough to be putting photos of yourself out there in revealing workout wear. You’re probably a little overweight and just a lil jelly of Lah Lee. Pay EPM no mind, Lah Lee.


    2. Equestrian Pilates Mama

      Oh dear, ‘stomach looks great for someone who has 3 kids’ is not exactly a compliment is it Lah Lee. I always put additional work into keeping my stomach super flat (I mean gym, not cakes Mrs Rothschild).
      I would be worried that Cari might slowly become the hot friend. But don’t worry Lah Lee, you still look great for someone whose had 3 kids, LOL!


  1. Alice Wonderland

    When I was out in my canoe I saw you with my telephoto lens, and I thought I saw Ty in the distance paddling in the other direction, but it was probably someone else.

    After searching for hours (and racking my brain trying to remember where I’ve seen you shopping) I finally found your matching bikini/yoga pants outfi. you should really affiliate link your outfits to make it a lot easier for people to emulate you and you can make $$$!


  2. Ludmilla

    First kayaking, now paddle boarding. Better watch out or Robert will think you want something sporty for your birthday!


      1. Mrs. Rothschild

        I hope Rßbert understands you this time. Did you take him to the jewelry store and help him pick out a piece and make sure he paid for it? I mean, he can go get it gift-wrapped so the bow and paper can be a surprise. I think that’s what you might have to do. One year early in our marriage, I asked my husband for something unique for Valentine’s Day, you know, like the Koh-i-Noor, but he got me a stick vacuum. Well, that’s a unique gift for Valentine’s Day, I’ll grant him that. Men are so obtuse!



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