Stay Away from Drugs!

This morning I took a lil’ drive over to the beach, to run along the boardwalk for a bit of a change of scenery.  You will never believe who I ran into (or maybe you will, I seem to see him everywhere).  It was Ty, on one of those stand up paddle boards.  I don’t think he spotted me, although I called and waved to him from the beach.  He seemed lost in thought.

Just paddling away.  He looked like he had something on his mind.

Just paddling away. He looked like he had something on his mind.

I am sure he is concerned about the downward spiral his friend Renata has taken in recent weeks.  Everybody at the gym was talking about the recent drug overdose that caused her to be taken away in an ambulance during the middle of the day.  I know most people who had been using her as their personal trainer had cancelled their sessions and the gym had to hire someone else to fill in.  Then, just a couple of days ago, my friend in the front office told me that they had received an anonymous call that Renata was sniffing something off a compact mirror in the bathroom.  When security asked to search her purse she refused and was escorted off the premises in tears.  I kind of wish I had been around to see that.  Gym drama!

I did happen by her apartment complex while walking Beefeater this afternoon, and it appears she is moving out.  No “boyfriend” around to help her, unfortunately, but her brother was there.  I guess she may be moving in with him and he lives about an hour away, or so I’ve heard.  It is neither here nor there to me.

It is too bad that she was so  cruel to lil' Hummus.  I might feel bad for her if she was nicer.

It is too bad that she was so cruel to lil’ Hummus. I might feel bad for her if she was nicer.

Anywho, Cari and I are on our way out to kick off the summer at a pop-up tiki bar in town.  It should be loads of fun.  Have a happy one.


8 thoughts on “Stay Away from Drugs!

  1. Cindy McCain

    I hope that’s the last time the gym lets that hussy in! What, are they running a methadone clinic? Keep the druggies over on campus where they belong!


      1. Cindy McCain

        TRUST ME I KNOW. I am trying to keep anyone brown out of Arizona (besides my dear adopted child of course… but that one is … well, in one of our other houses I think). They just destroy society in a way that my personal drug addiction and John’s multiple marriages DO NOT.


  2. Equestrian pilates mama

    Wow, Ty is quite the catch! Not for women like you or I, of course. But Renata was certainly punching well above her weight!
    I hope, for your sake, that your gym will rethink before hiring any more foreigners. Can you believe they left a drug addict (one who could possibly be part of a drug cartel, who knows?!!?) in charge of your child! I would be outraged!


  3. PSL Mama

    Do you think she is headed to rehab? Or being deported? I am so glad you got Hummus away from her before something dangerous happened. I’ll bet Ty could use a shoulder to lean on and a six pack of microbrews.



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