Lazy Summer Days Ahead

The last day at my children’s school is Tuesday, June 16.  Doesn’t that seem kind of early to everyone?  I just love, love, love spending time with my littles, but summer is a LOT of time with them, and I am just so busy.  I always end up running myself ragged trying to stitch together people to watch them so I can get to the gym and to my book club and to all my other important stuff.  Now that Karen is unavailable, I might really be in trouble.

Does anyone have year round school where they live?  Because that sounds absolutely fantastic to me. Maybe Cari could run for the school board in the next election so we could get us some year round school around here.

And speaking of book clubs, do you all have one of “those” members in your little group who always chooses some kind of “deep” read when it is their turn to choose the book?  Tiara seems like a nice enough person, but our book for June is the worst.  It is a crazy long one about a ship sinking approximately forever ago.  Who cares?  Didn’t Sopihie Kinsella write a book recently?  Anywho, I will not be reading that one.  Boring.  We might have to extinguish Tiara’s torch at the next tribal council.

So, in anticipation of all of the summer good times, Cari and I went to the beach this morning and took a couple of casual photos as we sunbathed on the beach.  No selfie-stick required, because “James” was kind enough to send a photographer with us.

This photo is cute.  It was a spontaneous candid as I was just hangin' out.

This photo is cute. It was a spontaneous candid as I was just hangin’ out.

Kiddos in bed, wine in tumbler.

9 thoughts on “Lazy Summer Days Ahead

  1. Equestrian pilates Mama

    Year round school is such a good idea. If Cari can’t make it happen, another option is to move to the southern hemisphere during summer, and do a bit of the ol’ juggle around, so your kids can have a continuous education, but that idea isn’t as great if you want to show off your totes hot bikini bod.
    Love your photo, you have amazing beach hair! Surely I’m not the only reader eagerly awaiting a post about the evolution of your hair!

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  2. Nevaeh and Brecken's Mommy

    I totally get you about the excessive school holidays girl. I heard that in Scandanavialand they don’t actually formerly educate their littles until they are at least 7. When in high heaven do the mamas have time to go to the gym?! No wonder there are no Scandinavialandian pro tennis players. When your Humus goes pro it will be proof of what discipline and work ethic from a young age and a dedicated mama can achieve.


  3. Cindy McCain

    It’s about a ship sinking? Ugh, can’t you just watch the “Titanic” movie for a lil shortcut?

    YES summer is very very long. VERY LONG.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      It’s not fiction like the Titanic nonsense. It was an actual ship that no one has ever heard of being torpedoed by the Germans and sinking. The book has about a millionty pages. No way I am reading even one of them.

      Summer is the worst.


  4. Pearshaped

    Sending Merlin and Starling to summer camp would buy you up to eight weeks, I mean, give them the opportunity to Gain leadership experience, which always looks good on a CV. And Hummus is busy becoming a tennis star, so maybe the grandparents can step up more. They surely will want to benefit too once the prize and sponsoring money starts flowing in.



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