Oh My!

It was so great to see my dear friend Ty just enjoying himself at the party this weekend.  He seemed so much happier and more relaxed than I had seen him in a long time, and it was such fun to just hang out and watch the fireworks with a dear, dear friend.  I thought his demeanor was so positive because he had broken up with his very toxic girlfriend.

Unfortunately, it appears that, if he did break up with her, she lured him back in.

I ran into them in town after school today and he looked so miserable.

He looks so stressed and so unhappy.  And she just looks evil.

He looks so stressed and so unhappy. And she just looks evil.

It would be terrible if Renata had to move or was deported or something.  But I think that would be better for Ty. Of course I couldn’t do anything about that, but it would be nice.


7 thoughts on “Oh My!

  1. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Holy body language! He is clearly trying to get away, but she has her talons firmly implanted in his arm. Poor sweet, naive Ty is well out of his depths with a woman like Renata.
    Perhaps she is going through a difficult time and he feels bound to her? Her face is looking quite pale. I am SO not one to gossip, but I would be very surprised if drugs weren’t involved.

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    1. Cindy McCain

      EXACTLY THIS. I completely agree. The body language is very telling. Also, look at that hussy trying to wear white. AS IF. The black leggings really show her true evil underneath the innocent fluffy and actually rather cute white dress. EVIL REVEALS ITSELF THROUGH BLACK SPANDEX!

      Sorry, I had a Sarah Palin moment there.


  2. Big Fan

    She recovered from that incident at the cafe then? I wonder if that was connected with drugs. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. You need to be careful if you have any suspicions, it would be dreadful if Ty got mixed up with drugs through no fault of his own. Would it be possible for you to get hold of her purse and do a lil check? Just in case there were maybe packets of white powder or something in there? (Sorry I don’t know much about drugs, lol)

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  3. Pearls and Pink Peonies

    As smart as Ty is, he must be such a good-hearted, trusting, kind person to not realize that he could get in serious trouble for harboring an illegal, and possibly dangerous, drug addict. He should be a lot more careful about being seen in public with her. Also what if her place of residence is a meth lab? If one knew where she lived, one could let her landlord know about this scary situation. Also the ICE. And the DEA. Someone should check her trash for things like cold medicine boxes or matches or batteries or household cleaners with ammonia. Anyway! I suppose the only thing you can do, Lah Lee, is to continue to be Ty’s supergood friend like you have been all along and just be there for him when this inevitably falls apart.



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