Kudos to Me

This morning we held a lil’ pow wow to rehash what went well and where we needed to improve on our planning for next year’s gala.  For the most part we all agreed that it was a pretty epic party.  But there were a few things we need to work on.

1.  Some people were dressed terribly!  Margie and that woman with the weird hair both came in capri pants.  Does that sound festive?  Some of the men wore jeans.  Even Ty, who was on the committee, showed up in khakis and a madras shirt.  Next year we need to hire security to kick underdressed people out.

2. The VIP area definitely needs to be addressed.  Weird kids kept trying to sit up there.  Again, security needs to be a priority.

3. More photographers!

4. The food was totally fab, but I didn’t like the idea of paper napkins and plates at a gala.  I was scared something might happen to my dress, which I had tucked the tags in on so I could return it today.  Luckily it was fine, because Röbert would have blown a gasket if we had to actually pay for it.

Everything else was perfection.  I even received a standing ovation when I arrived at our brunch meeting! LOL

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil' embarrassing.  But it was a good party.

I am so humble that a group of people cheering for me is a lil’ embarrassing. But it was a good party.



8 thoughts on “Kudos to Me

  1. suzy

    Wow! You have been so busy lately. I hope you take some time for a little r and r. No time for my grains from all the stress!

    You should exchange the dress and get something cute because then it doesn’t count as spending.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I wish I had time for a lil’ R&R, but everyone needs me!

      I ended up exchanging the dress for quite a lot of summer outfits. You are right, it didn’t even count.


  2. Elle Woods

    If you have to return your dress, I hope Robert had to return his tux. Surely he bought a new one for the gala, right?


  3. PSL Mama

    Your humility is one of the things I admire most about you LahLee. You are such a role model. What are you doing with the kids now that school is over? It is hard to find “me” time in the summer. Teachers often want to pick up extra work in the summer months. Maybe Ty could work with them on some enrichment?


  4. mythreeangles Post author

    Thank goodness, school does not end until late June! I would be seriously upset if it was over right now!

    I have signed Starling up for the same wonderful summer art camp she went to last year. Amber will do it with her and it is so much fun. Kind of on the pricey side, but she loved hanging out with the counselors. I don’t remember if she actually made anything last summer.

    Merlin will be at home with me. So much joy for a SAHM! He will be my lil’ assistant.

    Hummus will be playing tennis with the academy unless Röbert decides to be an old grinch.



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