Happy Memorial Day

On Memorial Day it is important to remember the real meaning of the holiday; grilling, parades, America and the beach.  We are doing a little of all of that at my house!

This morning we went into town to watch our local Memorial Day parade.  Well three people watched the parade while two of us marched in it.

First came Merlin with his baseball team.  I wish they had nicer uniforms.  I need to get on that if he plays again next year.  He may be on the travel soccer team by then.

They weren't going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in.  Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

They weren’t going to let Merlin hold the banner until I stepped in. Some of those other kids can barely hold a bat, why should they be front and center?

Since I had to be at the parade anyway, I thought it would be fun to march in it.  I approached the staff at my gym about doing a lil’ promotion and they decided I was perfect advertising for them.  I wore a tiara and a sash that said “Ms. Bikini Bod 2015”  I passed out flyers for the gym as I walked along the street, and when I got tired of that I saw Margie sitting along the parade route, and gave her the rest to hand out.  She dropped the ball on the gala, she needs to help out somewhere!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

Princess Bikini Bod is in the house, yo!

After the parade I sent Röbert over to the beach with the kiddos for some fun in the sun.  I simply have too much going on with the gala and a very special event on Wednesday to join them, plus it is a public beach.  Ick.

We usually go to a big party at the Sullivans for Memorial Day but we didn’t receive an invitation this year.  I really don’t think it is happening, so I have invited all of our friends and neighbors over here later.  Röbert will grill for everyone and I had a caterer whip up some salads and sides.  It should be fun.  I hope we don’t keep Karen up too late.  I think Mitch might stop by with the boys, who are home from school and staying with Karen until their internships start up.  Such nice kids, despite their upbringing.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

10 thoughts on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Nevaeh and Brecken's Mommy

    You are such a role model LahLee. You are so incredibly selfless volunteering in the community like you do. Your fight to promote healthy lifestyles in an age of rampant obesity inspires me. Make sure you take some me time though. You can only give so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alice Wonderland

    Lahlee I was so inspired when I used my telephoto lens to watch you walk in the parade that I went right out and bought the exact same outfit you wore. When I was watching your party I saw Karen glaring through the window at all of the fun you were having, poor Karen.


    1. Equestrian pilate mama

      I LOVE the tiara. Although your whole outfit looked amazing, I’m surprised that you didn’t get to wear a bikini in the parade!
      Lah Lee, karen should probably do LESS laying in the bed, if you catch my drift.


  3. Beauty addict

    Didn’t Liz read the last post? I can’t believe she is attacking you LahLee. You should employ a comment moderator like really famous bloggers do


  4. Big Fan

    Merlin looked SO smart marching in the parade, and so proud of himself. Well done for getting them to let him hold the flag!



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