Poor Ty

I ran into Ty this morning while jogging.  He looked as though he was on his way home from church or something.  It was hard to tell because I was using a telephoto lens to see him.

Does he look upset here?  Like maybe a foreign hussy might have just broken up with him by text message?

Oh no!  That is what you get when you date girls with accents!

Oh no! That is what you get when you date girls with accents!

Well, I guess we already knew that Renata has no class, and now he does too. I hope someone warns him that women who are not born in America always use the excuse that they lost their phone and someone else must have broken up with you by text message.

9 thoughts on “Poor Ty

  1. PSL Mama

    You know..he does not really look upset at all. What a great guy…he even goes to church. Sigh. I might have a lil cyber crush on him which is perfectly okay since I am very happily married;)


  2. Equestrian pilates mama

    He does look a lil sad, with his shoulders all hunched over. Maybe someone needs to go to his house and make sure that he is ok!
    Those types of unpredictable foreigners are so nuts! They are the kind of people who would text nasty things to their employers at the Gym. Or send really unsupportive and blunt messages to their grossest and fattest client, karen. LOL!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Renata really is the absolute worst and she isn’t even pretty at all. I don’t know how she could break up by text like that. Ty is a sweetheart and deserves much, much better.


  3. Mrs. Rothschild

    Wait, I am SO confused! If you didn’t actually talk to Ty and just saw him with your telephoto lens, how do you know that Renata broke up with him? Or that she said she lost her phone and that it’s switched off? Help! What am I missing? I haven’t had my coffee, so maybe I just missed something like Renata telling you what happened.

    And Ty is such a great teacher, maybe he’s looking a little sad because some of the kids in his class aren’t getting the love and support they need at home. I’m a teacher, too, and I worry about some of my students every day. There are always at least two in every class whose parents are pretty selfish or checked out of their kids’ lives. It’s so sad.



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