Lil’ Slugger

Several of my friends have mentioned that Merlin is a good baseball player so I decided to go watch him this afternoon.  Did you know that they have to hit the ball and catch the ball in the air too?  That seems like a lot.  Merlin also plays the pitcher some of the time and plays at the first base.

Sports are not my thing, but I think he has a lot of natural talent.  I was a jazz dancer when I was younger, so I am sure he gets his athleticism from me. He might end up being popular someday! It will be great for Starling to have a popular athlete for a brother instead of a genius nerd.

I only watched a tiny bit of the game (boring) but everyone seemed to think I was a supper mom for having such an athletic son. Except the “team mom”, Shirley,  said that I had missed my shifts making hot dogs at the snack shack.  I explained that I would never, ever sign up for that.  Honestly!

My baseball guy!  Where do I purchase steroids and other performance enhancers?

My baseball guy! Where do I purchase steroids and other performance enhancers?

Maybe I should hire some coaches and other trainers this summer to make sure he keeps ahead of the competition.  I’ll ask Ty if he is available.  He will probably want a distraction from his broken heart by then anyway.

3 thoughts on “Lil’ Slugger

  1. PSL Mama

    Merlin looks so cute in his blue baseball uniform. It bring out the blue in his eyes. You lucked out…you know sometimes the uniforms are orange?! Who decides those things anyway?

    So why is Ty nursing a broken heart? What happened to his floozie illegal alien?

    See if you are wealthy (like I am) you simply pay your housekeeper to work the snack shack shift for you. Sometimes I feel sad that Röbert doesn’t make more money for you and the kids. It really is heartbreaking.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Well, I don’t have a maid, so I am stuck not manning the snack shack, But I managed to get out of it this year. I think Merlin is quite good looking. He looks a lot like me.


  2. Baseball mama

    You know, speaking from experience, team moms are usually just moms of children who can’t play well. And they tend to get snippy with those of us who have star athletes. Really, she should just stay in the snack shack the whole time, I’m sure her son never gets to play.

    I think it best if you find him a summer trainer. Ty would be best. And I’d make sure you only pick the hottest days, so maybe you can get a glimpse of him shirtless while he is doing his teaching. Or coaching. Whatever they call it. Yum!



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