Committee Meeting

Cari and I were up late last night, ironing out the essentials of our End of Year Party.  I can’t even believe what a mess the committee members have made of what would have been an easy task if they had simply followed our directions.

The party is in less than two weeks and this is what they have arranged so far.  For dinner: pizza and two liter bottles of soda.  For entertainment: the Man Space Band, which is a bunch of overweight dads who play in their spare time and are awful!  For children’s activities: a couple of party games and a craft made out of popsicle sticks and glue.

Does this sound like a party to ANYONE? 

No one even called Drake to see if he is available.  I am sure he isn’t now, but he might have been when I told Marsha to contact his people.  You never know.

So Cari and I drafted a twelve page manifesto and went out for a mimosa or two before our committee meeting.

Page eight.  We have a lot of great ideas, but it is going to mean work!

Page eight. We have a lot of great ideas, but it is going to mean work!

The meeting lasted six hours and was very lively.  Some of the committee members quit because they think our ideas are “too hard”.  Fine.  They can go to a crummy party with pizza and soda instead of the spectacular gala we will be having.

It was dark out by the time we left the meeting.  Phew! I need a lil' vino.

It was dark out by the time we left the meeting. Phew! I need a lil’ vino.

I am letting Röbert have the fun of bathing the kiddos and putting them to bed while I rest on my laurels and my 450 count Egyptian cotton sheets.  It is hard making people do what they should do.


12 thoughts on “Committee Meeting

  1. Alice Wonderland

    Ooh please tell us you’ll be posting pictures of the Gala? Your life is so glamorous, I can’t wait to come to the city you live in and walk around for hours until I see you and snap a picture!


  2. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Do your children go to a poor school, Lah Lee?
    I really think that you should push for that separate VIP area. Pizza and soda (groan) are OK for kids like fat Alice and Julia, but classy kids like Starling and Amber need a VIP experience. Starling has already done a lot of the legwork with her science fair app, so finding the popular kids should be no problem!

    If the school has huge budget restrictions, sometimes it can be all about the way you present it.
    Bands – One Direction is presumably one fifth off now, saving you a whole 20%!
    Entertainment – Fashion Show from the popular kids, complete with a full makeover for one of the uggos. Free!

    Good luck with your stale committee members.


    1. Cindy McCain

      EPMama, I like the way you think! Definitely One Direction should be at a discount now. I think these are wonderful ideas. Maybe Lah Lee will ask you to serve on her next committee!


  3. Pearshaped

    Does no one think of the children? They worked so hard all year and all those lazy committee members want to give them is that? They might as well theme it trailer park soiree and be done with it. What a disgrace! I think you should take your children out of that terrible school and send them to an exclusive boarding school in Switzerland, at least Starling, her potential is being wasted in such a mediocre environment.


  4. Pearshaped

    And one more thought, if all else fails because of the incompetence of the other committee members, you might as well embrace their trashy plans and avert disaster by turning it into an ironic celebration of how the other half parties. We once did that at Oxford and “Chavs and Cholas” was a blast, people were talking about it for months! Well, not to toot my own horn, but I think this was because we had chosen to embraced cultures from both sides of the Atlantic. It was so good to see that, although you don’t normally see privileged kids wearing wife beaters and throwing gang signs, no one does it better.



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