When I was picking the children up from school on Friday the Principal told me that she wanted to meet with me on Monday (today) about Starling’s science fair project.  I was sure that meant she was going to get the gold medal or whatever they give to science fair winners.  I was thrilled, but I didn’t mention it to anyone (except Cari, since Amber was also working on the project) because I didn’t want other parents to feel bad about their children not winning science fair this year.  I am humble like that.

Imagine my surprise when I was told this morning that Starling’s project was being disqualified from the competition.  Apparently they think that rating her classmates based on both appearance and popularity is arbitrary and “mean”.  I did point out that Starling was not  rating her classmates’ appearance herself, it was being done by a scientific sampling of strangers online.  Also, the popularity rankings are pretty obvious to everyone else in the class, it isn’t something that they are arbitrarily making up.  Mrs. Swedburg was very firm about it though, so now Starling and Amber have to start over from scratch.  Honestly, all of this political correctness is getting irritating!

Starling decided to do a blind tasting of lemonade to see whether boys or girls prefer lemonade sweetened with sugar or lemonade sweetened with artificial sweetener.  They are going to make a third jug of lemonade with quite a bit of added sugar to see if the fatties, like Fat Alice and Julia prefer that, but we may have to keep those results to ourselves.

Yesterday Röbert did have some earrings for me at lunch time.  The stones are smallish, but baby steps, am I right?  They are such an improvement over kayak lessons, and I have big hopes for my birthday this year.  He also made dinner last night.  There is nothing sexier than a man with a gas grill!

Yum!  My hubby is hot and so is the chicken.

Yum! My hubby is hot and so is the chicken.

9 thoughts on “Outrageous!

  1. Cindy McCain

    How on EARTH did they find out what Sterling’s science fair project was???!!! Someone’s been reading your blog, Lah Lee! Be careful what you write on here!!!

    What a shame, now the world will never benefit from this important science. I am a huge fan of science. Science will get us out of this “climate” “change” mess as soon as the right scientists are put in charge. And by right of course I mean coal-friendly. Drill, baby, drill! (haha that’s the only thing Sarah Palin and I agree on. Slut.)


  2. mythreeangles Post author

    Well Cyndy, her teacher had all of the children turn in their work to date on Friday and the girls had been just working away on their project and were so excited to share the charts and photos they had put together. I have no idea why this sort of hard scientific inquiry is less valid than the project that fool Sylvia turned in; something about genetic coding that not one single child understood. Starling’s classmates were very excited to hear all of her results but her teacher made them stop right in the middle of the presentation.


  3. Equestrian pilates mama

    Maybe Starling’s Principal was an unpopular fatty when she was a school kid. That would explain why she is being so sensitive about a perfectly reasonable science fair project!



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