Responsible Pet Ownership

Karen seems to be spending less time crying and eating.  Good for her!  But the one part of her whole breakdown that Röbert is unable to get past is how she force fed Beefeater, turning him into a dangerously obese dog.  I am sure it must make her sad to see him looking so much happier and healthier now that he is in my care, but we could never allow her to take care of him, even for one weekend, because who knows what she would do.

Beefeater still has a few pounds to lose, but he is looking shiny and oh so happy once again!

Beefeater knows he is a lucky dog to be Lah Lee's special project!

Beefeater knows he is a lucky dog to be Lah Lee’s special project!

Next stop, the dog show circuit!

8 thoughts on “Responsible Pet Ownership

  1. PSL Mama

    You know I think the world of you Lah Lee and I have no doubt you are doing right by that dog but Beefeater looks sad and depressed to me here. I don’t know…maybe he was just tired from a long run or play in the yard? He just has that sad look in his eyes.


    1. Cindy McCain

      I’m sure he’s just tired out from all the playing. How could he be sad at Lah Lee’s house? It’s full of joy and laughter and love!


      1. mythreeangles Post author

        He was a little bit tired after playing fetch all morning with me and then going for a run. He was waiting for his special snack, 1/4 cup of diet dog food. Portion control is everything, as I am sure you know, Cindy.


  2. Equestrian pilates Mama

    Wow! Beefy is looking…less beefy! He’s looking radiant and so youthful!
    People say that dogs start to resemble their owners and he is a classic case of that!
    He’s gone from being a fatty with a gross coat to a gorgeous joyful dog.
    Soon he will need to be called saladeater!


  3. BlueApronFTW

    And he’s looking SO much younger. You’re doing a great job I bet Mitch and the kids are so much happier now.



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