Guess Who?

I was running a few errands downtown today and I ran into Mitch Sullivan!  He talked me into having a quick lunchtime cocktail with him and catch up.  I must say, he seems much happier than I have ever seen him.  It’s almost as if he had lost a 247 pound weight from around his neck. LOL.

He was concerned about Karen’s rapid weight gain but when I told him that she was now employing a foreigner who might be a part of Al Quaeda for all we know, as her running coach, he just laughed and told me that he had missed me.

I had to rush home to get Hummus ready for tennis, but we agreed to meet again soon.

Maybe next time I will bring Cari along.  He is not a looker, but he is wealthy and sweet and they might hit it off.

Maybe next time I will bring Cari along. He is not a looker, but he is wealthy and sweet and they might hit it off.

Hummus is doing much better in tennis.  Already he is at the top of the toddler group and they are considering whether it is safe to put so young a child in with the “Lil’ Lobsters”.  He has all the skills, they are just worried that the other children might be too crazy and hurt my baby.

The daily coaching I have been getting for him has been  very effective.

The daily coaching I have been getting for him has been very effective.

I am feeling pretty happy with my world right now.  I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children, a dog who adores me, a lovely garden, and a great figure.  I wonder how Karen is feeling next door.  Maybe I will take Beefeater out back to watch me cut some flowers from my garden to remind Karen that it was her own carelessness that caused her to lose it all.



9 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. PSL Mama

    I don’t know Lah Lee. I think Mitch is kind of easy on the eyes. And knowing he is wealthy makes him even easier. Sounds like you had a very nice time with him. You should slip that into your next conversation with Karen. You know…oh I ran into Mitch. We had drinks. He looks fabulous and seems happy!

    That Hummus is quite the lil tennis star. Do you belong to a country club? If not, you better join one now.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Mitch is less cute in person, but he is fun and loves to spend his money on me. He also works out a lot. He certainly improves upon reflection about his bank account and real estate. I love how much he enjoys spending time with me, but who doesn’t? I am fun!

      We do not belong to a good country club. We do have a golf/tennis/swim place that we belong to and it is fairly prestigious. Mitch and Karen belonged to it in addition to the exclusive club. I think Mitch might propose us sometime this year, if Röbert loosens the purse strings.


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    What a surprise! Are Mitch and Karen in divorce proceedings?

    All of your kids are so incredibly talented! Good for Hummus for his tennis skills. What a prodigy he is to go from not being able to walk to being eligible for Lil’ Lobsters in mere weeks! You are so blessed!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Mitch says that he is completely done with Karen and is proceeding towards divorce. He has said that whatever it was that he wanted to tell me, he no longer thinks is important. He just wants me to be happy. What a great guy.


      1. Equestrian Pilates Mama

        Seems like Mitch has a lil crush on you! Maybe he found it hard to stay married to Karen when he couldn’t stop thinking about the hottie next door!
        How exciting that Hummus might move up to lil lobsters! You have such great kids, amazing little Starling and now Hummus the tennis star! You must be so proud of them both!


  3. Big Fan

    Way to go Hummus! I have to confess that when I first started following you I was a teeny weeny bit worried that he had developmental delays, but of course I can see I was wrong, now he’s turning into a tennis star! You weren’t worried about him were you? A mom’s instincts are never wrong!
    Your kids names are so appropriate to them! Merlin is a wise Magician, Starling is a gorgeous bird of plumage, and Hummous is so sweet I could eat him!!
    You are just such a good mama Lah Lee!



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