Girl’s Night Out

It is Thursday and Cari and I were feeling a bit frisky.  Röbert came home early from work so I allowed him to put the kiddos to bed.  Let him listen to Merlin blabbing on about baseball for a few hours and see how much he believes that I should be more patient.

We decided to dress down and go to a dive bar.

We are looking cute but casual.

We are looking cute but casual.

I had told her how much fun it was to drink PBR with Ty at this crazy bar a few months ago so we went looking for a “dive” bar, and hoped to run into a few hipsters.

We didn’t have any place in mind except I had heard one of the young teachers at school talking about where she was meeting Ty and some other friends for a beer last week, and that place sound pretty hip to me.

It took us a while to find it.  The neighborhood was way more sketchy than we expected, but we thought that Rico’s Lounge might be nice.

Fine Food?  I hope so!

Fine Food? I hope so!

When we got inside there were absolutely no hipsters and we felt kind of uncomfortable, but Cari ordered a Miller Lite, so we were stuck.  I looked at the menu and it was not fine dining at all, but we ordered the chicken fingers and I got a plastic cup of vodka and lemon juice.

At the end of the night we made some interesting friends (Martin has a trailer from which he runs some sort of manufacturing business) and Cari had gotten some phone numbers for her friends at the drug rehab center.

I don’t think this bar was the Rico’s we were looking for.


10 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out

  1. Cindy McCain

    You’re so madcap! What a fun night! I wish I was still young enough for girls night out! Ah, those were good times, I was sooooooooooooo drunk!


  2. no1fan

    long time reader, first time commenter but I am truley your no1 fan.
    but omg i have to know, how did they make the vodka and lemon? squeezing lemons or just cordial? you have to do a recipe some day, it would be perfect for a summer blog post. you could base it around what you serve at your bbqs. that everyone (not least karen) wants to attend.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I did a recipe post a few weeks ago where I made a delicious vodka drink and some soup. I think if you were truly my number one fan you would remember that.


  3. Mrs. Rothschild

    Wait a minute, I thought Cari volunteered at a hospice. Does she also volunteer at a drug rehab center? Or, OMG, is she a recovered drug addict??!!! She sounds like a very interesting person either way.

    Glad you had a fun night out. We hard-working mamas deserve one once in a while!



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