Shopping With Röbert

Yesterday was the day I was supposed to plan as a special day with Röbert.  He had suggested shopping, which was sweet, but I didn’t really want to do that because we have different definitions for the word “affordable”.  I decided a spa day would be perfect, but Röbert got a call confirming our mani-pedi, and told me that he just didn’t think he felt comfortable with that.  Just like I don’t feel comfortable with camping, I guess.  So we ended up shopping anyway.

Here’s the thing, as nice as it was for Röbert to offer, it wasn’t as much fun to do with him as it would be with one of my gal pals.  He really doesn’t like poking in stores and I think he looked bored at the makeup counter.  I did get some cute everyday things, but I didn’t dare look at the designer places or even glance towards my favorite purses.

We went to the cutest lil’ cafe for brunch and we were seated on the patio, which was fantastic.  I think Röbert enjoyed that part.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

I did manage to find one or two things to buy.

Our next date should probably be to a neutral place.  No mountains, no stores…maybe a fashion show or antiquing.


5 thoughts on “Shopping With Röbert

  1. Equestrian pilates Mama

    Good on you for sacrificing your perfect day out in order to shop for towels with Röbert.
    Maybe you can make next week extra exciting and shop for a matching bath mat!


  2. Baseball Babe

    I’m sorry but, it’s really not cool he didn’t understand how important shopping is to you. As your friend I understand how important this day was for you, especially since you went hiking with him. It just seems like he could have reciprocated better and realized how important the designer places are to you. A little peek at the LVs never hurt anyone, right? And with Mother’s Day coming up he should have really been taking notes.

    But honestly I am only a leeetle teeny bit perturbed with him (I’m protective of my buds, what can I say?) because I know he is an AWESOME man and he would feel so hurt if he thought he disappointed you for a second. I bet he has something on his mind and it has him distracted. Have you ever said what he does? I bet he has a big work issue on his mind and just can’t concentrate. I hear that happens with husbands, and when they realize what they’ve done they really overcompensate, IYKWIM 😉

    Edit – **giggle**!! I just realized that sounds dirty!!!! I mean bigger, better GIFTS of course, LOL!!!!


  3. Cindy McCain

    You are such a nice wife to let him tag along! Mine is impossible, he doesn’t understand the concept of BROWSE and just follows behind me making whimpering noises, it’s just ridiculous. It was very kind of you to tolerate him like that. Maybe you could make a game out of it, see who can pick out the best present for someone extra special like your mother. I’m sure Robert would get into the spirit of it then, what man doesn’t like to spend a lil money on his mother in law? Such fun!

    Well I hope that café served nice stiff Long Island Iced Teas, yummmmmmmmmmmmmm! And next time you can go somewhere neutral like the Bouldering Gym.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      It was excruciating and I think we need to find something we both enjoy for our next date. Maybe a spin class and a sauna?

      We had delicious champagne for our lunch. I think mostly college students drink Long Island Ice Teas around here, but I am sure they are very classy in Arizona.



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