I Save the Dog Again, Of Course

Once again, I have saved Beefeater’s life, but for you to understand the story, I need to share a lil’ background info.

Beefeater was actually Röbert’s dog originally, and he really loved that animal.  Beefeater was his hiking buddy and the two of them spent a lot of time up in the mountains together.  Unfortunately, when Beefeater was not in the mountains I started to see some signs of allergies in Starling.  It was never anything that we had diagnosed (Röbert wanted to take her to a doctor, I didn’t think it was necessary) but she was just “off” when he was in the house.

At first, Röbert was resistant to getting rid of Beefeater, but then I thought of my dearest friend at the time, my next door neighbor, Karen.  Her youngest had just left for college and she was a lil’ down, so I gifted her with the dog.  Surprisingly, Röbert seemed fine with her keeping him so it worked out for everyone.  And Karen just loved him to pieces, until recently.

When I showed Röbert the picture of Beefeater yesterday, he was shocked.  He immediately went over to Karen’s and I went out back to check on the garden near our fence line.  I happened to overhear a significant argument about Karen “pulling herself together” and lots of crying and weeping and sobbing from her.  LOL.  Later, I could tell Röbert was upset, so I ordered in his favorite dinner and let him watch ESPN for half an hour.

This morning I heard a knock on my kitchen door and I went outside to discover a fat golden retriever with note tied to his collar (with a messy bit of twine.  If I were to tie a note to a dog’s collar you bet your stars it would be with some pretty gingham ribbon!).  The note said,

“Dear Röbert,

I just can’t bear to have the dog around to remind me of old times.  Please treat him as he deserves.


I guess Beefeater must remind her of Mitch and her failed marriage.  I burned the note, brought poor Beefeater inside, dosed Starling with some Benadryl and called Cari to pick up some doggy weight loss food on her way over for coffee.

Merlin has been playing with him out back all afternoon.

Let's face it, the dog is still fat, but at least he is getting some exercise.  I hope Merlin's joyous laughter didn't disturb our neighbors.

Let’s face it, the dog is still fat, but at least he is getting some exercise. I hope Merlin’s joyous laughter didn’t disturb our neighbors.

I can’t wait for Röbert to see him when he gets home tonight.

14 thoughts on “I Save the Dog Again, Of Course

  1. Mitzy McMuffin

    OMG! What a lazy biatch! She just decides she doesn’t want the dog any more so she just dumps him on you?! Like you are supposed to have time for this?! So selfish. That dog is lucky you are around to rescue him.


  2. Mrs. Rothschild

    Poor Beefeater! But isn’t he still viscous, er vicious, whatevs, whenever you accidentally bash, I mean brush by him with your designer handbag, for instance? And what about poor sweet darling Starling’s absolutely devastating allergies? Will she get shots now? She’ll have to see a doctor for that, I guess, poor thing.

    Lah Lee, you are just too too kind to people. And dogs. You give sooooooo much, and here’s Karen, who had everything and threw it all away, and she’s just a taker. I think I read in an Ayn Rand book my first year of college that the takers are just the worst. Atlas Shrugs, that’s it. If you haven’t read it, you should. It’s the best. Well, it’s super-long so I of course just read some reviews on Amazon when I was in college, but it’s the best book!

    Anyways, I’m rambling. But you know, it’s Friday night and I’ve been having my own date with a bottle of Mr. Caber Net like you do with Mr. Pinot Grigio! I’m a mama to 3 kinda-littles, so I totally get where you’re coming from. Actually, let me tell you, my oldest is a teen and I think I might have to move to something harder, like tequila. Not that you should worry. I’m sure Starling will be the perfect teen one day. Ok, love you Lah Lee! Stay brave!


  3. Staci

    wow you sure know how to spoil your man with dinner and ESPN, I bet he really appreciates all that you do for him! So sweet of you to rescue that poor fatty dog.

    What was up with Karen’s note though? That’s so weird…


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Poor Karen has some mental problems. She tried to handle having a dog while going through a divorce, and it was too hard for her. She loved Beefeater, but once Mitch left, she couldn’t handle a Golden Retriever’s health needs.

      Obviously, I am a better pet owner.


  4. Beauty addict

    Obvs better pet owner, thinner, more popular.
    If karin. Would stop comparing herself to you she could just pull herself together and get on with her life without impacting innocent animals
    She needs to focus on her own strengths (like maybe shes realy good at cleaning).


  5. Julia Rainbow

    Maybe Karen will want the dog back when she feels better and finishes an epic cleanse or a trip to an ashram. That is what always happens to me. I know that breaks from your needy dog are healthful and magical when you have more important things to do than go on pointless walks when there are no cute boys around to look at you. Who would look at these two the way they are now anyway? There would be no point.


    1. Cindy McCain

      Well if he swiped exactly the right spot…say Sterling’s PROMINENT nose… Lah Lee could then take Sterling in for a lil pre-teen surgery to keep that nose bobbed and perky!



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