No School=Busy Mommy

Cari called me early this morning sounding very stressed out.  It was some kind of professional development day at the school our kiddos attend, and her nanny was sick.  Like me, Cari loves to spend time with people less fortunate than herself, and today was one of her days volunteering with hospice.  She doesn’t actually work with hospice victims or anything, but she does some kind of office erranding and fundraising.

I was so glad she called!  I had completely forgotten about the day off from school and I had scheduled a sauna and Pilates with Krystyn.  Last time this happened I just dropped them off at school and, when they found all the doors locked, they ended up wandering next door to a neighbor’s house and it was mucho embarrassing.  Sometimes I think I would forget my own birthday!

Anywhoo, I called and arranged for Margie to pick up Merlin for the day, and dropped Hummus off at the gym child care, per the usual, and then I snuck out to run some errands and pick up sweet lil’ Amber.  Wouldn’t you know it, now that Renata is gone, Hummus cries when I leave him at the gym child care.  I can’t win!

Poor Starling was bored by the shopping, but Amber has a good eye, and was very helpful in choosing the right undergarments for my dress for the next school party meeting.  I must say that I look curvier than usual in it, and I think Röbert will like it too.

After we picked Hummus up we went by the Harris’s to pick up Merlin from his playdate with Margie’s twins.  The three of them were playing some ridiculous game involving trolls and who knows what  with a stupid looking set of dice.   I really think that I am going to have to tell Merlin not to play with those weird boys anymore.  He is on the verge of being a popular athlete, I would hate for them to hold him back.

He is cute enough.  With a lil' work he could be popular.  He needs to choose his friends more strategically.

He is cute enough. With a lil’ work he could be popular. He needs to choose his friends more strategically.

When we got home I let Merlin put his lil’ bro down for another nap and the girls went out back to play.  They were dressed up in pretty dresses and pretending to be fairies.  I just love how innocent and lovely they are.

They are imitating Fat Alice and her friend Julia here.  They are a stitch when they get going.

They are imitating Fat Alice and her friend Julia here. They are a stitch when they get going.

I am so blessed to have such lovely children.  I just wish that everyone appreciated their kiddos as much as I appreciate mine.


8 thoughts on “No School=Busy Mommy

  1. Ludmilla

    Wow, Starling is such a good actress — she looks so much fatter than Amber in that photo! Of course, we know it’s just how clever she is with pretending to be Fat Alice. I’m sure she’s not actually porking out.


  2. Staci

    oh my goodness, good thing Cari called you to save you from that embarrassment — what a good and generous friend you are to pick up her kid so she could go to hospice.

    And don’t worry about forgetting your birthday, I’m sure your darling Róbert would never forget!!


  3. Cindy McCain

    You should make a rule for Merlin that he is only allowed to play with six-sided (normal) dice. Those Dungeons’n’Weapons people play with dice with weird numbers of sides, like four, or 7, or 20 (LOL!!! 20 sides? How do they even fit? That can’t be real.)

    Six-sided dice will keep him normal and on the way to popular jockhood.



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