Poor Dog

Is there some place like CPS that you can anonymously call about a dog being abused?  I would never name names here of course, because I am the furthest thing from a gossip, but I have a neighbor who seems to have some sort of mental health issues and she has been neglecting her dog.

The neighbor used to try to keep up her figure by taking the dog on long walks and running with it, but she is now a sad elderly shut-in and never takes the dog outside.  I can hear the dog crying at night, but when I call my neighbor she tells me to, “Go to hell, Lah Lee, and for the one hundredth times it is coyotes out by the landfill.”  Then I hear her crying too.  See, mental health issues.

Anywho, I was looking through Starling’s telephoto lens at the neighbor”s backyard, trying to see coyotes last night and I saw the poor dog.  He is not looking cute.

Beefeater needs "Beginner's Weight Loss" too!

Beefeater needs “Beginner’s Weight Loss” too!

Poor lil’ anonymous dog!  I have not always been a fan of this animal but I would really love to have him removed from the home so he can be in a happier place.

10 thoughts on “Poor Dog

  1. Baseball Babe

    OMGoodness! Who could let that poor widdle munchkin be abused like that? My gosh, I hate to see that. Big Papi is a rescue so as you can see I am really into rescue. If I lived closer I’d offer to take him in as my second rescue but my apartment has rules about how many dogs I can have, so that’s out. Boo. Have you looked into some of the rescue places near you? They are really good about moving in to an abusive home and removing the animals. You know, sometimes it makes the news when they do that. Then your neighbor would be shamed for her abuse of that poor pup. Exposure is sometimes the best thing for cruel owners like her!


  2. Beauty addict

    You should saturate your social media with images of this poor animal. Maybe it will go viral and shame the owner to do something for that poor lil doggee. Lah Lee you are an inspiration to so many with your blog I urge you to use you’re power to help this innocent animal. #peta #spca #petsarepeopletoo


  3. Beauty addict

    You Would never let Starelinge get obesity why would someone do this to a poor animals? Sorry for double post #outraged


  4. Staci

    call PETA asap!! They’re my favorite rescue organization ever, and they prove you can still look good while saving animals.

    also, looks like beefeater has been eating a bit too much…ice cream?? LOLOL



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