When a Door Closes You Can Sometimes Open a Window or Even Another Door or a Chimney

Röbert gets home from his trip tonight and I am really looking forward to seeing him.  I wonder if he found the photo I left to replace the one of Karen I found?  I decided on the one of me in my nighty, so I expect he will be happy to see me too!

Karen was also supposed to be at the beach for a few days, but she got back yesterday evening and she looked like she had been crying.  Good.

The more I think about her hiding that picture in Röbert’s luggage, the sicker and crueler I realize she is.  I have been a wonderful, generous friend to her, so for her to act this way is just despicable.  I did find another picture I plan to put in his luggage.  I know this one will make him laugh, so I kind of hope he actually finds it.

She sure looks ridiculous here.  What could she have been thinking, pursuing my hotty?

She sure looks ridiculous here. What could she have been thinking, pursuing my hotty?

I was still feeling very upset about the whole situation, but I got up early and, using Starling’s binoculars, was able to watch her weeping in her backyard for a an hour or so before I left for the gym.  That cheered me up immensely.  Whatever made her leave her beach house early sure made her miserable.

I can think of no better use for Röbert's telephoto lens.  That is one ugly cry!

I can think of no better use for Röbert’s telephoto lens. That is one ugly cry!

When I got to the gym I saw Margie and her weird twins heading up to the children’s open gym so I told Starling and Merlin to follow them in.  A parent is supposed to be there for these vacation open gyms, and I was relieved that Margie could be there so I could make it to my Morning Stretch and Complete Body Conditioning before Spin With Quinn.  Margie seemed a bit perturbed when I picked the kids up, but I am sure she was just making up the dental appointment she missed.  I think there must be something wrong with the public address system in the gym, because I never even heard them call my name.

I love ya, Morning Stretch!

I love ya, Morning Stretch!

When I went to pick up Hummus from the childcare he was crying and clinging to that woman, Renata.  I don’t know what she does to make him so unhappy, but I plan to complain.  He is crying every time I pick him up lately, and I swear she rolled her eyes when I gave her a piece of my mind yesterday.  I don’t think she will have her job for very long.  I am a very important gym member, and she should know her place.

Despite all the stress of my morning and my friendship with Karen being kaput, I did run into Cari, the mother of Starling’s new little friend, Amber at Spin with Quinn.  We just have so much in common and I can tell we are going to be fast friends.  She is an actual single mom, which means her husband has to send her money and she doesn’t have to do his laundry anymore.  Sounds ideal, LOL!  She let me drop all of the kids with her ex-sister-in-law for a playdate and we went for a nice long lunch, complete with cocktails.  It was nice to finally relax and take some time for myself, and we laughed so hard when she told me she had seen Fat Alice’s mom in cross fit.

Cari is fun and fit, unlike certain other friends I used to have.

Cari is fun and fit, unlike certain other friends I used to have.

For a big treat tonight I am letting the children “Make their own salad” using all of the leftovers in the fridge, then sending them to bed early so I can slip into something comfortable and a glass of wine!

15 thoughts on “When a Door Closes You Can Sometimes Open a Window or Even Another Door or a Chimney

  1. Jacqueline V

    I don’t know Lah Lee, that picture of Karen has me worried. I mean, she looks kind of puffy which can sometimes be from medication like steroids for a disease or something. You’re so kind and loving maybe you could forgive her… again… just to make sure she’s ok. I those puffy, watery eyes and swollen lips could be allergies though. Ugh… it’s hard to tell through a telephoto lens.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I would forgive her…again, because I am such a nice and loving person, but she is messing with my happy, perfect marriage.

      And it was not allergies, I was scared her sobbing was going to wake up Hummus, but fortunately he had a little cold so I had given him some Benadryl.


  2. Equestrian Pilates Mama

    Lol! Karen really is just so so tragic.
    As if Röbert would go for old jerky when he has caviar at home. Speaking of food, Karens pictures are hilarious.

    Your new friend Cari seems like a high-class lady. Her ex husband must have been a fool to let her go. You should turn into a lil cupid and help her find love again, so she can be as happy as you and Robert.
    Gosh, isn’t your hipster friend Try also single. She seems like his type, a fit and gorgeous brunette with children.
    Wouldn’t that be amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Mrs. Rothschild

        Well, Cari wouldn’t have to actually MARRY Ty. Single ladies have needs, if you get my drift, so maybe they could be just be friends + benefits. You’re such a kind and generous lady, I’m sure you’d be so pleased to make two of your friends happy. Lah Lee, you’ve just got to ship them, as the kids say these days!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. JS

    I don’t like to judge people, but honestly, I don’t know who Karen thinks she’s trying to seduce with that cockerspaniel hair and lard ass of hers. Woof! It’s hilarious that she ever thought she’d stand a chance against a fit, hot mom like you!


  4. A Tranger

    Cari looks like one classy dame, unlike those losers you have been forced to deal with. She doesn’t have a dog, does she? So nice that Starling finally has a friend, too. One that she can’t bully. Oops, I mean one that won’t bully her, poor thing.

    By the way, have you tried keeping Hummus in a playpen in the bathroom? Then he won’t cry at the gym when you pick him up, and you won’t hear him if he cries at home. Win-win!


  5. HotWifeSuperMom

    If my cry face was as ugly as Karen’s, I’d try and keep that private moment inside. You never no who can see you when your in the yard! You no, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was trying to get Robert to see her crying and come over to comfort her. I’m sure she nose that Robert is the type of man, that although uncomfortable with her advances would be two gentlemanly to deny her a shoulder to cry on. She is a snake!



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