Crazy Coincidence

This afternoon my mother decided to actually act like a grandmother and take her grandchildren to the park after school.  I just know she will enjoy spending time with my lil’ angles even though Merlin had that stomach thing overnight.  He was fine by this morning, he hadn’t thrown up since 6:30 AM, so I sent them off to school, shed a lil’ tear, and headed over to the gym.

After the gym I dropped Hummus off with Mom a few hours early (she was fine with it I am sure.  I dropped him in her kitchen, and called her on her cell phone to let her know he was there from my car.)  I had a long standing appointment for a “make-under” and a blow out at my salon, then I went and bought some cute hiking leggings and bra top at Marmot so I could go explore this wilderness area I had heard about.  I am sure you all know how much I just love, love, love the outdoors!

Well, it was a pretty primitive area, such fun, and I was able to hike around for a couple of hours before I ran into someone I knew.  I was so surprised!  Ty was there fishing on his boat.  I had no idea there even was fishing in this state park!

I had no idea Ty came here after work most days.  We do have a lot in common!

I had no idea Ty came here after work most days. We do have a lot in common!

The Cap’n invited me on board and like a good first mate I went up and enjoyed a beautiful afternoon with him.

The funniest thing happened though.  When I offered him a lil’ sip from my canteen it was actually filled with vodka instead of water.  How do these things happen to me?  I was so embarrassed but we laughed and laughed every time we looked at the canteen.

I came home with a lil’ my grain so I let Röbert pick the kids up and put them to bed while I drank a glass of champagne in the bath.


11 thoughts on “Crazy Coincidence

      1. Pearshaped

        I think you and Ty are platonic soul mates and that’s why you keep running into each other, you’re just naturally drawn to each other.
        Glad to hear your mother finally saw the light.
        Mine told me the other day, she couldn’t look after little Pearshaped because she had to attend the funeral of some old lady she claims was her oldest childhood friend. The nerve! She’s known that woman for what, sixty years or so and Little Pear for no more than right months and who knows how long she has left to get to know her grandchild? I can’t believe I missed an emergency haircut by Raoul because of that selfish woman. He’s normally booked weeks in advance and it was a miracle that my friend Mitzie couldn’t take her appointment because someone called CPS on her. She lets her kids walk home from school unaccompanied.
        But lucky you, to have a family that’s starting to care.


  1. PSL Mama

    It really is a crazy coincidence how often you two “bump” into one another. I wonder if he follows you? Maybe he is a little sweet on you Lah Lee. I know you are so happy and in love with Röbert but I think Ty may have a crush.


  2. suzy

    It’s so great that you spend so much time fostering a relationship with your sons teacher! Merlin is so lucky to have an involved parent.

    What’s up with him getting sick all the time? Grandma feeding him junk or something? You have to wonder if the help is worth it sometimes.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I think it is because Hummus catches things at the gym (the staff is wonderful but I think they don’t spend enough time disinfecting the toys) and then Merlin spends so much time with his little brother, bathing him and changing him and playing with him and reading to him and feeding him and cleaning his room, that he just picks things up.


  3. defectiveMom (@defectiveMom)

    Call the doctor and get an anti-emetic like Zofran! That way they’ll stop puking and you can send them to school or over to anyone’s house. No one would even know! But to be super sure give the kids double the dose for double the protection. But… it does cause a lil’ bit of constipation but nothing that can’t be fixed with an ex-lax brownie a few days later!
    Maybe Ty would like to tutor Starling or Merlin part-time after school at your house?


  4. Katherine Spade

    What a fun afternoon! It seems like your hubby and Ty would get along totes well since they both like outdoorsy activities. Have they ever hung out for a lil bro time?



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