Go Ski Racers

Röbert mentioned last night that he was going to the mountains today.  One thing that I have noticed is that he is sometimes a lil’ inaccurate about what time he is leaving.  I decided to surprise him and got all the children up and dressed at 4 AM since he said he was leaving at 6 AM.  We all slept in the car for an hour and then, surprise! I am sure he was delighted to have all of us go with him.

He had to stop to make a few business calls, but then we had the most amazing time skiing together.  At first he seemed jumpy, but I just know he enjoyed spending his day taking Merlin and Starling up the bunny hill.  Bonding time is so important.

They were very energetic all day!  Röbert must have had so much fun with them.

They were very energetic all day! Röbert must have had so much fun with them.

I was able to drop Hummus into the Little Mountain Goats program at the lodge and then went to the outlet mall about an hour away,  There was a Coach store there!  Win!

When I got back to pick everyone up I guess the mountain had been closed for about an hour, so they had plenty of time to wrap it up and get ready for me.  I let Röbert drive everyone home while I had a nice snooze.

I am about to meet my date for the night, Mr. Pinot.  i am not sure if his last name is Grigio or Noir.  Röbert is having a lil’ Daddy time, getting his babies ready for bed.

Family time is the best!

3 thoughts on “Go Ski Racers

  1. Pesky Boys

    Again with your selflessness, planning a fun family adventure! No wonder you needed a nap after getting up so early. I tried to do something similar once but forgot the kids’ shoes, coats and snacks. Good thing they have clothing stores and restaurants at the ski resort, even if we then didn’t have time to ski. It was fun relaxing in the car with headphones and my podcasts while my husband drove us around. Family time!


  2. Fallon

    My littles have been desperate to ski. I have never taken them as snow
    only comes in one colour – White – which simply plays havoc with my
    comlexion in photos. So alas, until they provide Ivory or even Oyster at a push shades of snow it’s simply out of the question.
    I know I can’t be the only one with this problem which helps me cope.



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