Boys Will Be Boys

Last night I had totally had it with Merlin.  He was acting wild and getting his sister all wound up with his antics.  I had plans to go to “Fifty Shades of Grey” with my book group and then Röbert called to let me know that he was going to have to work late for the third time this week.  I ran next door to drop the kids with Karen, but she was out too!  Mitch was there, but he saw me before I could leave the kids in his family room (they would have been no bother! Hummus has had diarrhea for the last week and a half but other than that and Starling’s cough, they are fine) and he made me take them home with me.  My parents are out of town, so I decided to drop them with their Grandmama, Röbert’s mom. Let me just say, I find her quite scary, and normally I would never consider her as a babysitter, but this was an emergency (hello, Fifty Shades of Grey!) so I snuck them in the back door with their medicine and overnight bags and just ran.

Of course I turned off my phone and had a wonderful evening out with my gang of gal pals.  We stopped at TGIF’s for laughs and frozen drinks on the way home, and I had to call Uber, since I was in no fit state to drive.

When I walked in the back door I sobered up pretty quickly when I saw the look on Röbert’s face.  Since his mom and I have been feuding for the last few years she hasn’t seen the kids in quite awhile.  She was already in bed asleep when I dropped them off, and she had no idea that they were even in her house until she was awoken by a loud crashing noise downstairs.  Apparently Merlin had knocked over one of her knickknacks, which she claims is priceless artwork.  Whatever, she shouldn’t have that stuff out with children around.

My bad.  He was a lil' crazy since I gave him a couple of adderals to see if they would make him even smarter.

My bad. He was a lil’ crazy since I gave him a couple of adderals to see if they would make him even smarter.

I was hoping this sleepover would serve as a peace offering and repair our relationship, but Merlin ruined that too.

6 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. Pesky Boys

    We can all learn from you, Lah Lee, such a suppermom ! I am so impressed with you keeping up with literature even with three kids (two of them boys, which you know take so much more work). And then selflessly arranging a fun sleepover at grandma’s house! I just wish you’d have posted a photo of your outfit. I’ll bet you looked thin and nobody would guess you were married. Did you run into anyone from school?

    I hope Robert treats you like a princess tomorrow while you recover from your night out! It would be horrible if he left you to be a single parent all day while he climbs mountains or whatever.


  2. PSL Mama

    Röbert had no right to be mad at you. He was out. What were you supposed to do?! He left you with few options. You need time with your girlfriends too. I mean– you are home with the kids ALL DAY (except when they are at school or the gym child care or when you drop them off at someone’s house).

    By the way, did Karen go to the movies with y’all? She is gone/out of town a lot too. Do you have regular babysitters?

    P.S. how was the movie?


  3. Kimmie

    I am just going to say it. Your husband, your MIL, and your entire family sounds incredibly selfish!!! I am in a similar situation, I had planned for a spa day yesterday and then two of the littles came down with the flu and my DH claimed their was no way he could take care of both of them by himself and might need to take them to the ER since they’re temp was 104. I did still go ahead and have my facial but he made me feel so guilty I caneceled my mani-pedi and “winter’s warmth” hot stone massage with Ben, who is my fav massage therapist, he is so strong and mmmmm… Anyway, I was so mad at my DH I didn’t talk to him all day. How do you cope?


  4. mythreeangles Post author

    That is terrible! I would not have cancelled a thing. When Röbert gets mad I do this brave, stoic but a lil’ teary thing that seems to make him reconsider his demands. It works like a charm!



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