I Hate to Say It

I hate to say it about my sweet lil’ Bebe, Hummus, but gosh, he sure does love to whine.

It is tough for a hard working’ Mama in the winter when you wanna get the kids outside where they can play and let off some steam, but then you have to put on boots, and hats and snow pants and jackets and mittens.  It is a lot, ya know?  Then they come back in 5 minutes later, and it is the same process in reverse.  My 11 year old mother’s helper, Hayley, quit after one afternoon and her Mom was very rude when I called to ask why her daughter wasn’t honoring her commitments.

Anywhoo, I got sick of doing all of that for Hummus, who can’t do a lick of it for himself, so I bought a super cute new jacket for him.

He looks like an adorable lil' elf right?

He looks like an adorable lil’ elf right?

Now every time we leave the house he whines and complains like he is cold.  Man up, Hummus!  The jacket is fleece, which I think is pretty warm.  Also, it looks so cute!

I am going to send everyone up early tonight so I can watch the Bachelor I taped last night and drink a glass of wine every time they do.  It is a fun game!

20 thoughts on “I Hate to Say It

  1. Cindy McCain

    That’s a cute jacket but it doesn’t look very warm. I try to dress my babies as warmly as possible, in cashmere and fur. Polyester just doesn’t work for me. But I suppose Chinese factory workers love their children too.


  2. PSL Mama

    What kind of coat does Starling wear? I’ll bet it is something expensive, warm and beautiful. Maybe one of those trendy Canada Goose ones with fur around the collar? What did you think of the Bachelor? You should do a recap like some of the other bloggers do.

    That Hummus does look cute but his “jacket” looks like a girl’s jacket.


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Excuse you, it is not a girl’s jacket.

      Starling has several coats and jackets, which one are you asking about, sweetie?

      I don’t watch any television at all except, occasionally, documentaries and PBS. I don’t totally consider myself an intellectual, but shows like the Bachelor are certainly beneath my notice. Especially this season, because Chris seems sort of stupid and is a farmer and all and I am an urban pro city gal who lives in the suburbs out of necessity . Also, the girls are all pretty nuts, except Whitney. But what the hell is up with her voice?


      1. PSL Mama

        Your post actually said that you were going to watch the Bachelor. Kelsey was a nutter, huh? Becca is quite pretty and seems normal. I totally agree about the farm boy thing. Who in the world could live in that town?! I’ll bet there is no gym (or gym daycare;), no boutiques, nowhere to have a spa day, no place to go for lunch! What does a SAHM do all day? How does she get some “ME” time? The inhumanity!


  3. A Tranger

    It’s odd that Hummus isn’t talking by now. Maybe if he had speech therapy he could tell you what’s wrong instead of whining. Or maybe he is just going to grow up to be a silent genius. Like Merlin, but colder.


  4. Matilda Hinkle

    Are you taking sponsorships? I would love to send you a jacket for Hummus. I sell jackets at my Etsy store, it’s called Mama Knows Vest. We sell vests but not only vests. I would really like to send you a jacket. You wouldn’t even have to pay for it. I would just be so honored to have Hummus in my jacket. Or a vest, if you’d like one of those instead. Please email me as soon as you can because I’m really excited to send you something.

    Also if you don’t want a jacket maybe we could just segway straight into friendship by emailing a lot and maybe exchanging phone numbers. I don’t know! hehe whatever works for you!

    And if you’re ever looking for an assistant, please email me before you post anything to Instagram! I currently live in Atlanta but I’m willing to move if it means working for you part time!


    I love your blog so much! You are such an inspiration to me!


    Matilda Hinkle


  5. MeantToBeMahma

    Omg!!!!1!! Did you hear that some wine has something called arsonick in it? I read it on NPR, well I didn’t read it but I saw it in my email on The Skimm. I don’t know what I would do without that websight, I just don’t have enough hours in the day to read whole articles! Anyway the 10-word summary didn’t tell what arsonick is but it sounds like something that is used to start fires…….not something I want during #wineoclock! I might have to start buying only organic locally made wine. Only the best for Mahma!



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