I Heart Man’s Best Friend

Today I decided to go for a nice long walk, and who better to walk with than my buddy, Beefeater?  Karen and Mitch are out of town for the weekend and I offered to have Merlin take care of the dog for them.  I think Karen was surprised, but I feel perfectly safe with Merlin around Beefeater.  He likes dogs and he wanted money for some crazy school trip or genius game or something.  He honestly never shuts up about it, but I have no idea what he is even talking about.   So I put on my new t-shirt and went for a walk through the downtown area (which is where all of the hipsters, like Ty, live).  We walked for three hours and didn’t see a single other soul, maybe because it was freezing cold out.  Stupid Beefeater kept whimpering.  The dog is covered with fur.  His ancestors lived outside, for pity’s sake!  But he kept complaining, almost like Hummus on my run yesterday when it was so sleety and he was in the stroller.  I had him in his new jacket.  How cold could he be?

Beefeater looks happy to be back indoors, the lazy dog!  I sure do love golden retrievers, though!

Beefeater looks happy to be back indoors, the lazy dog! I sure do love golden retrievers, though!

We came back and I went onto my Facebook and checked to see if Ty had posted anything public about being out of town.  I keep sending him friend requests but he says he hasn’t gotten them.  Maybe I should contact Marc Zuckerberg and see what is up. What do you think?

10 thoughts on “I Heart Man’s Best Friend

  1. Cindy McCain

    Maybe you should DRIVE first and then you can scope and scout around. Walking, ugh. You have to walk on the sidewalk where people spit and put their gum. Icky. Drive until you see him and THEN get out and walk and the stupid dog won’t complain so much.


  2. Matilda Hinkle

    Mama Knows Vest only makes jackets and vests for littles right now, but I could probably make up a vest pattern for Beefeater and send it to you for free.

    If you get tired of the dog, you could just strangle it.



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