Crazy Coincidence

I decided to go for a long power walk this afternoon at this park right near where Ty lives and who should I run into but Ty? He is Merlin’s teacher and a very close friend of mine.  I think some of the other moms (yes, you, Margie) are a little jealous of our close relationship and that is why they are cool towards me. Anywhoo, he was out walking with the most beautiful black lab so I asked him if the dog was his girlfriend’s and he said he didn’t have a girlfriend.  That is too bad because he is a very nice man and I think any gal would be lucky to date him.  His dog is called Dementor and I pretended that I knew what that meant.  Does anyone know what it means?  I am sure it is something nerdy because, truth be told, he is kind of awkward, in an adorable way.

I told him how much I love dogs and I think I will borrow Beefeater so we can go for a walk together sometime, or maybe to the dog park.

Dementor seemed very friendly and not at all vicious.

Dementor seemed very friendly and not at all vicious.

It is nice to discover how much we have in common.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Coincidence

  1. PSL Mama

    Is Röbert ever jealous of your friendship with Ty? I have a feeling my husband would be a little jealous if I had a good male friend that was as HOT as Ty and single too. Just curious. I know your friendship is completely innocent. But you know men, they can be quite jealous and possessive sometimes.



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