Feeling Better

Today was Abraham Lincoln’s birthday or something.  Who knows, it was a day off for Röbert, which meant I was going to let him spend the day with the littles and see how much he likes being stuck with the constant neediness and boring conversations. I was pretty sure after about 5 minutes he would understand why I had earned more than costume jewelry for Valentine’s Day, not that I have given that a second thought.  It’s water under the bridge.  I know he was planning on going skiing so I got up very early and went to the gym.  Then I took myself out for a nice brunch with a couple of gals from spin class.  We saw Margie at the restaurant but pretended we didn’t.  LOL.

Kyrstyn had heard that there was a shoe sale at this sweet little boutique in a town about an hour from here so we went over and did a lil’ retail therapy.  There wasn’t actually a sale but who cares, the shoes were all darling.

Röbert had the nerve to be angry when I got home, but I burst into tears which shut him right down.

I feel a lot better, not that I was really upset about that Hallmark holiday, if you catch my drift.  I am sure Röbert will find a real anniversary of an important event in our lives to celebrate and get me some actual jewelry.

Aren't they a ll sweet?  I don't know what I will do with all of them but I had to have each and every pair.

Aren’t they a ll sweet? I don’t know what I will do with all of them but I had to have each and every pair.

Now I am going to let him handle the dinner and bath and bedtime while I have some wine and watch all of the Lifetime movies I have recorded.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Better

    1. mythreeangles Post author

      No Cindy, those are a few of those that I purchased yesterday afternoon. There were more. It feels like not buying me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day was a false economy on Röbert’s part.


  1. PSL Mama

    Those shoes are exactly what you deserved and more. I am glad you had a peaceful day yesterday. I am sure Röbert needed some special time with the kids. You do so much with them everyday. They need Daddy time too. I need a day like that very soon myself. and it ought to involve mimosas:)



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