Early Morning Walk

This morning I woke up extra early and decided to go for a walk on the cliffs down by the ocean, just to gather my thoughts.  I haven’t been sleeping at all well this week because Beefeater has been making a racket all night long, and Karen swears it isn’t him but some crazy made up creature from Western novels.

I was walking along, quite close to the cliffs that plunge down into the ocean, and I heard someone run up behind me.  It was barely light out so I was startled and scared.  But, good news, it was a friendly face.  Ty was out for a run!  I was glad he was there because just then, Beefeater appeared out of nowhere, with a ball in his mouth, as if someone had been playing catch with him.

I didn't expect to see anyone out along the cliffs at that time of day.

I didn’t expect to see anyone out along the cliffs at that time of day.

Ty seemed to actually like Beefeater, and told me that it could be dangerous to throw the ball for him that close to the cliff before the sun is up.  Apparently it is possible that Beefeater could have even, accidentally of course, plunged to his death on the jagged rocks below.  What a shame that would be.

I don’t know why Ty thought that I was throwing Beefeater’s ball close to the edge of a dangerous cliff.  I really don’t know how Beefeater got his jaws on a tennis ball with Starling’s name written on it,  It was just such a funny coincidence.

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