Ski Bum

I slept absolutely terribly last night.  Karen’s dog Beefeater was up half the night barking at something.    He sounded crazy.  I finally called her at 3:15 AM to ask her to please get him to stop, and she “claimed” that Beefeater was sleeping at the foot of her bed ( I would never let that vicious animal sleep in my room!) and the sound that I was hearing was coyotes.  As if!  Everyone knows that coyotes only live near ranches.

I was exhausted this morning, and really fed up with that horrible dog, so I decided to cheer myself up with a snowboarding trip.  Hummus is old enough for the day care at the lodge, so I packed him up and off we went.

The mountains were beautiful and it had just snowed the night before so we had a lil’ powder.  I was really surprised that I recognized so many faces there.  It was like the whole town had up and decided to go snowboarding today!

When I went into the lodge to warm up a little bit and have some cocoa and schnapps, who should I run into but Ty!? I had totally forgotten that today was the school ski trip and that he is the sponsor for the ski club.  Starling didn’t want to go and I forgot to send in Merlin’s permission form, so it had slipped my mind.

He is a skier.  I would have thought he was a snowboarder like me.

He is a skier. I would have thought he was a snowboarder like me.

I think he wasn’t feeling very well, because he had to excuse himself to go to the men’s room and then he didn’t come out for over an hour.  I had to leave to meet the children’s schoolbus.

4 thoughts on “Ski Bum

  1. PSL Mama

    Ty looks so handsome in that photo. His eyes are gorgeous. I’m wondering how you took it though without it seeming awkward. Did you pretend it was for the school yearbook or something? Hope you get a better night sleep tonight. Scary about he coyotes!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      Everyone knows that I love to take photos and expects to have their photo taken by me so not awkward at all. I even have a selfie pole, which requires some time to set up, but people LOVE it when I take out my camera. I never noticed that he is handsome.

      The “coyotes” are named Beefeater and he is a vicious dog so, sure, scary, Everyone knows that coyotes are only in old timey western places.



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