Party Animal

The Super Bowl party was loads of fun, but I woke up with a my grain this morning.  I let Röbert get the kids off to school and I think he dropped Hummus at my mother’s house.  I am not sure.  I should probably check his room and make sure he is not in there still.  He can be extremely quiet.

Everyone came except The Wozinskis and Ty.  I was pretty sure he would be attending a hipster party but I bought some IPA for him just in case.  I know he is not a neighbor, but he is my friend.  Val came, and she is not a neighbor.  I haven’t heard from Ty for quite a while.  I should stop by school and see him one day.

The food was fantastic.  Karen had gone all out and made all kinds of homemade sandwiches and dips and even fried her own potato chips.  She made a cake for dessert that looked like a stadium with lil’ players and everything.  At the last minute I had run over to the convenience store and picked up some trays and stuff, so I set those up in the room where we watched the game (like my book club reads books, LOL) and then I put Karen’s stuff in the pantry with my kale salad etc.  For some reason no one ate any of that stuff, so we had it for breakfast this morning.

It looks so tempting, right?

It looks so tempting, right?

Röbert seemed a lil’ miffed that my friends and I were talking throughout the playing part of the event, but we were quiet during the commercials, which is all anyone cares about anyway.

One crazy thing happened.  Do you remember Merlin’s chicken from last summer?  The one that suddenly disappeared?  Well apparently Birdy somehow ended up at the house belonging to the people who don’t speak any English, and they brought it back last night.  Ugh!  I would have thought they would have some ceremony where they slaughtered live chickens or something, but it is back in our house.  I tried to give it back to them, but they seemed to think I would be happy to see it.  They wouldn’t take no for an answer.

At least one person is happy.

At least one person is happy.

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