Super Bowl = Super Fun

Well, I am very excited about the super bowl thing this evening.  For the first time in quite some time we are hosting the party here!  I sent out e-iinvitations to everyone in the neighborhood except the Wozinskis.  I even invited that crazy family who don’t speak any English, because I want the Wozinskis to realize that I didn’t invite them on purpose.  I hope they feel as bad as I did the day they refused to homeschool Starling for me.  I want them to feel that bad every day for the rest of their lives.

Anywhoo, there was some crazy mixup because it turns out everyone was already invited to the Sullivans.  I called Karen and asked how she had managed to lose my invitation AGAIN!  Honestly, she is such a space cadet.  She seemed flustered and upset and agreed to move her party here.  She is bringing her food so I went to the gourmet grocery this morning and picked up some healthier alternatives.  I am sure her dips and chips are fine for most people, I won’t judge, but I want everyone to be able to nibble on some bruised kale salad and vegan gluten free pizza at my house.

I saw some millet kale crackers and decided, what the heck, buy those too!  It will be quite a party!

I saw some millet kale crackers and decided, what the heck, buy those too! It will be quite a party!

The one bad part is that Karen insisted that the Wozinskis be included, so I promised to call them and invite them myself.  I am going to make it clear by my tone that I don’t want them to come at all.  I am pretty good at that sort of thing.

Happy Basketball everyone!


3 thoughts on “Super Bowl = Super Fun

  1. PSL Mama

    Hope your party was great. So glad you went and bought some “classy” food. Regular chips and dips are so tacky and low end. Did you have a signature cocktail?


  2. mythreeangles Post author

    I decided to keep the healthy food for myself. My neighbors are not all the sort of people you are picturing. I set up a lil’ table in my pantry/laundry room and served them and all of Karen’s pretentious homemade chips and dip and elaborate cakes etc in there. Then I ran out to the convenience store and grabbed these ready made party trays that were left over. Walla! Everyone gets what they want. My neighbors hoovered up the crappy chips and jarred dips and no one ever saw Karen’s show off stuff that was meant to make ME look bad.



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