Snow Day

We had a blizzard!  Oh my stars, it was snowin’ and blowin’ yesterday and all I wanted to do was crawl into my bed and sleep.  Of course that wasn’t possible.  I got everyone up extra early because I wanted to be nice and safe and slow while driving them to school.  When we got there the the school was all locked up.  I called the principal at home and she was very sweet but said they were closed because of the weather!   Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Excuse me, my littles need to be educated, and not just when the teachers feel like showing up.  I was even ready to drop Starling off for the day and give it another chance.  I think the school could at least try to keep the other girls from bullying her by calling her a bully, and I had a lot to do.

I had dressed in my gym clothes already so I decided to head over to the gym and try to get the child care people to watch Starling and Merlin too.  I thought they could be great “junior helpers” for the day.

Reporting for spin duty Cap'n!

Reporting for spin duty Cap’n!

It took forever to get there because tree limbs had fallen down all over the place, blocking roads and what have you.  And when I finally made it…closed!  They had better reimburse me for 1/31 of my monthly membership fee, because that is not right.  I could see several other mommies also trying to get in.  I am sure they will hear from us tomorrow.

So I was stuck heading home with all three children for the entire day!  Horrible!  As soon as we got home Merlin started asking about going sledding.  Ugh!  It was so annoying.  Finally I told them that if they all got themselves dressed entirely on their own they could go out back and I would watch them from the window.  Well, Merlin got all the clothes organized and even helped Hummus get dressed.  Next time I think I will hide their mittens or something.  It would give them a fun scavenger hunt like game, and I won’t have the mess of snowy boots etc. when they get back in.

I think Röbert and I need to seriously talk about moving to Florida.  This gives me such a headache!

I think Röbert and I need to seriously talk about moving to Florida. This gives me such a headache!

I called Val on the phone and we had a nice chat about the gym and how angry we were about it closing, because it really was the worst sort of inconvenience.  When the kids were done, Merlin got their clothes all put away in the mudroom and then made hot chocolate for them.  It was only instant, which I would NEVER serve.

After dinner I put them to bed and made a lovely hot chocolate for myself with some Belgian Chocolate i had hidden away and a lil’ cognac.

Happy snow everyone!


6 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Kath Fails

    Uh oh, that North Face jacket looks like a color from last year! Don’t you know that you must have a Patagonia down sweater jacket?


    1. PSL Mama

      I like that North Face coat but she might be right. I think Patagonia is the new North Face. It is so hard to keep up sometimes! I cannot believe that the school AND the gym closed. That is like a conspiracy against Moms! I am glad you are going to give Starla another chance at school. As much as I admire you, I think “unschooling” is weird.


    2. mythreeangles Post author

      I am not a slave to fashion. I don’t think you have even noticed that my friend is an actual hipster guy and it is practically like I live in Portland or Austin and we don’t care about the constraints of “fashion” or whatever it is that “the man” wants us to care about. I wear what I want (North Face jackets and Hunter boots) and drink what I want (PBR and IPAs) and eat what I want (kale and roasted brussel sprouts). To hell with the constraints of society!


    3. mythreeangles Post author

      PSL Mama, it was really a hardship to have to stay home all day with three kidlets yesterday, and my hubby was away too! It did kind of feel like a conspiracy. My friend Val and I talked about why the gym employees might want to punish us (We have better work out clothes, we don’t have to be polite to out of shape people, we can spend more time in the cafe, we don’t have to work to support our families) but it was terribly, terribly difficult!

      Unschooling is a great educational philosophy, and I will probably do it from time to time, when it is hard for me to get the kids to school, but since I had my friend call pretending to be a lawyer, it has been so much easier for Starling to be herself at school.



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