Amazing Discovery

I stopped by the Wozinski’s yesterday to discuss sharing our homeschooling duties.  Boy, they sure aren’t very friendly all of a sudden!  I guess just because their girls aren’t pretty enough to hang with Starling, they are blaming her for all of their troubles.  Woo boy, look inside yourselves, girls, because that is where the problem is.  And judging by their rude mom, I can guess why they might not be super popular!

At first I was all excited that if they were the ones blaming Starling for “bullying” them, then problem solved, I can send her right back to school.  But do I really want her in an environment that tells her that her behavior is wrong?  Just because she is so beautiful? I am not sure.

I was looking up ways to homeschool her online that wouldn’t cost ME too much time and I made an amazing discovery.  Have you ever heard of unschooling?  It is incredible.  So basically you don’t have to do a thing and because children are so naturally smart and curious they end up teaching themselves!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I would have Merlin do it too, but he can be a lil’ much with all of his, “What is this article about Mommy?” or “Do you know what a supernova is?”.  He exhausts me because, I don’t know and no and excuse me, I am reading my Us Weekly right now.

So we started today and Starling watched Judge Mathis, People’s Court, another court show with a cute hispanic looking judge, and 2 episodes of Cheaters.  I think she might be a lawyer someday!

She is also teaching herself  to dance.  I think unschooling may just work out for us!

She is also teaching herself to dance. I think unschooling may just work out for us!

I am not sure if I can do this though.  I kept forgetting that she was home and ended up running out for important meetings (a spa appointment, a meeting with a friend who is selling this incredible eyelash treatment, Pilates, and my acupuncturist) but every time I got home she was still watching these very educational court shows.  I am so proud of her!

4 thoughts on “Amazing Discovery

  1. PSL Mama

    I am really confused LahLee because I was under the distinct impression that “unschoolers” were patchouli wearing, pot smoking, hemp weaving, hippie types— who don’t wax (or shave) their armpits! That does not sound like your thing at all. Be careful. You are entering dangerous waters, my friend.


  2. mythreeangles Post author

    I am not planning to hang out with other unschoolers…ugh, why would I? I learned my lesson about the crazies who homeschool their kids when I stopped by the Wozinski’s yesterday. It sure would be a shame if someone gathered up all of Beefeater’s “droppings” and left them on their front step overnight, wouldn’t it?


  3. Cindy McCain

    WHY are they so rude to you when you are just trying to HELP! My goodness! WHY are they even living in your neighborhood anyway, don’t you have a homeowner’s association? WELL let me tell you there are ways to handle that. For example, in Lexington, KY a HOA ran off some undesirables because they had put a play house in their yard can you even imagine? It was for their kid who had cerebral palsy or something, they thought it would help him. HA! That ugly thing was a total violation of the neighborhood aesthetic sensibilities, so the HOA took them to court and they caved!! THEY MOVED OUT of the neighborhood. Total win!!

    AND in another case in Lexington, the center of civilization, a woman ignored MULTIPLE mailings about her HOA dues being due… MULTIPLE! I mean she says she was travelling for business but we all know that means she’s a whore. Get real. Women don’t travel for business unless it’s an outcall, am I right? Anyway, the HOA sued her and ended up foreclosing on her house, just because she couldnt’ be bothered to pay a couple hundred dollars in HOA dues. ANOTHER WIN! And she’s outta there!!!

    So you might try one of those tactics. And if there is no HOA in your neighborhood (although why on earth you would buy where there is no HOA, I mean that leads to atrocities like square porch columns) you could create one, or just write a letter to those Polish people as if there is a HOA, they won’t know the difference. Then maybe they will move to a place more suited to their proclivities.

    And you can continue to unschool Sterling, who is SUCH a doll and doesn’t really need to know all that stuff anyway and people completely do not appreciate her MANY gifts NOR YOU! You poor thing, I don’t know how you manage to get up every day with all those horrible challenges facing you. You’re such a hero! Don’t forget to make time for self-care. It’s so important.



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