Saturday is Family Day

This morning Röbert was getting ready to go mountaining or biking mountains or some such, so I insisted that we needed to go to brunch and talk.  I think when I burst into tears (totally faked, one of my best girly moves) I scared him a little so he suggested that we go to the beach and walk for awhile.  Then I had to think of something that was so important to talk about that I would make him go out with me.  So anywhoo, I ended up telling him what a bitch Margie Harris was to me yesterday and how I had run the entire event and the other women were so mean to me.  I cried for real because, when I thought about it, it was really terrible to turn on the person who had run the program and get all the other women on your side.  Maybe they have never heard of a little thing called feminism, but I am sure they would have been all over me if I was a man, and they just resented me for being a strong, resilient woman.

I look totally hot here.

I look totally hot here.

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