Celebration Time!

Happy almost New Year!  I am so excited about our plans for tonight.  The Sullivan’s have invited us all for a party at their house and the children will come and sleep over in their sons’ bedrooms.   I was of course worried about them staying in the same home as that vicious dog, Beefeater, but Karen has promised to have him crated the entire time.

This morning I had my book group over to talk about that book that we are reading (I forget what it is called, LOL.  I didn’t even bother to purchase it this time).  We started out with a lil’ toast with some sparkly and then we ended up not talking about any books at all.  One of my friends had seen Missy getting her makeup done for tonight at Sephora and took some sneaky photos.  Hilarious!  I would post one here, but I am not that kind of person.  Take my word for it though, smokey eyes are NOT the look with a nose like hers!

Cheers!  Karen and I may have had three or four glasses!

Cheers! Karen and I may have had three or four glasses!

This afternoon there was a lil’ get together for the faculty at the kids’ school.  I happened to have heard about it and assumed that parents would be invited.  Oops, they weren’t.   Of course everyone was extremely happy to see me.  I am very popular with everyone I meet, and I just know that I am a great favorite with all of the teachers.  Guess who was there?  Ty!

He cleans up nicely!

He cleans up nicely!

We had a long talk about Merlin and teaching; very interesting.  I have a feeling that if someone showed him a necklace they really, really wanted then he would find a way to afford it.

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