Christmas Cheer

I had the most wonderful Christmas ever, because it really is all about time spent with people you love and sharing laughter and spreading joy, etc.

A couple of my friends were instagramming their gifts and and actually bragging about them instead of just focussing on the important things and how VERY, very thoughtful the giver was. I found it quite vulgar.

But I will do a lil’ braggin’ here, because I have the most thoughtful husband, who truly loves me.  I had mistakenly thought that I really wanted this lovely glittery necklace that I saw at the jewelers last week when I brought my hubby in to just look, but Röbert told me we couldn’t afford it.  LOL, I thought he meant he was going to race back and buy it for me but of course he had a much better idea for me.  Because he knows deep down what a good and caring person I am, he made a donation in my name to a charity that helps sick children or children in the third world or something.  It really doesn’t matter, because I DO care about that cause VERY much and that is exactly how I want to spend my money, not on shallow but lovely things like jewelry.  Missy can just shut her mouth about her stupid Tiffany’s Christmas any time now.

He also bought me kayaking lessons which, hello? I just can’t be more excited.  He said it is so we can spend more time together which I am sure is much better than it sounds.  After all, outdoors etc. on a gorgeous day for a few minutes is fantastic.  I haven’t had the chance to tell him about that awful tent last week (it’s not that I can’t, it just hasn’t come up in conversation), but I hope that is not what he is picturing because that ain’t happening.

Anywho, he was all excited about the lovely new camera I bought him yesterday so we dropped the kids at my parent’s to get spoiled and drove up to the mountains to do photography today.  He even packed a picnic lunch for us which was SOOOOO thoughtful and I could see that darling little inn from where we sat on the very cold hard ground, but he is just so sweet and thoughtful.

My darling husband.  It is so cute that he wants me to spend time in the great outdoors.

My darling husband. It is so cute that he wants me to spend time in the great outdoors.

Well, let me tell you, he does like hiking around etc.  After about twenty minutes I insisted that he bring me back to a coffee shop in town where I was able to do a lil’ shopping on the web while he hiked or whatever for 3 more hours.  Yikes.  I found some great after Christmas sales.  Then, as we were leaving, Röbert told me that I looked beautiful and took a very artsy picture of me.

I do look cute.

I do look cute.

So, I am the luckiest gal in the world!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Grammarian

    Cool story

    It reminded me of a news story where some newlyweds went camping and somehippies tied them up and they couldn’t get free and bears ate them


  2. PSL Mama

    Ohhh….. kayaking is quite trendy now! So, I guess that is a good gift after all. Do you have a kayak? Next thing you know he will have you fishing?! LOL



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