Who the Hell is K?????


This morning I went to clean a few things out of Röbert’s closet and maybe look through a few drawers (looking for gifts for me, nothing else) and I found something that has me really upset!  In the very back of his closet, under a pile of dirty underpants and some shoes, there was a super-ugly shirt with a monogram.  I am sobbing as I write this.  The monogram is K!!!!!!

Obviously this can't be for me.  It is hideous.

Obviously this can’t be for me. It is hideous.

Some of you may remember that Röbert gave me a pair of pajamas last month, also monogrammed with the letter K.  Can this be a coincidence?

I was so upset, and Röbert is out of town again, so, unfortunately, I couldn’t drive down to his office to confront him and make a scene. He doesn’t even know anyone with a name starting with the letter K!!!

I ran next door to talk to my bestie, Karen.  She was also out of town, but Mitch was working out in the living room.  He was very sweet and reassuring, and gave me a big ol’ friendly hug.

Mitch was working out.  I felt confused by his hug.

Mitch was working out. I felt confused by his hug.

I have been sobbing on and off all afternoon.  I don’t know what to think!  Also, Mitch looked pretty good.  Such a confusing day.  Kids were in bed at 4 PM and I am having some of my pals over for a few drinks.  Happy Holidays!

10 thoughts on “Who the Hell is K?????

  1. Cindy McCain

    I don’t get why you are crying so much? Maybe take a drink and relax? I might have some pills if you need them.

    That shirt is super ugly, he probably bought it for you and mixed up the initial and then realized it was too ugly to give to you.


  2. PSL Mama

    Wow. You must be so upset. Such a coincidence that Robert and Karen are BOTH out of town. I mean I doubt he’d cheat on you with an older and chubbier woman but they are both out of town at the same time frequently AND her name begin with a K! I told you a few days ago that you should spy on her. Oh and Mitch is looking good these days;)


  3. SAHRockstar

    You should invite Mitch over for drinks since he’s such a comfort/Karen is out of town, too. I’m so sorry you’re going through this – you are handling this with such grace! I would be burning Röbert’s clothes.


  4. Big fan

    You need to sit down and think it through logically.
    Firstly, Does he use any cute nicknames for you like ‘kitten’?
    Then, do you have any family or friends with K as a first initial? Might it be for one of them?
    Also, what size is it? Who might it fit? Did he maybe pick it up by accident on one of his trips? I’m sure there is a really obvious reasonable solution. After all, you and Robert are sooooo in love, it can’t possibly be anything to worry about, can it?
    Btw, I’m sure you only have eyes for Robert, but that Mitch is pretty fit!


    1. mythreeangles Post author

      I did look at the size and it is definitely not for me. I wear a 00 in everything and this one has a number on it! Plus, I would never wear anything that ugly.

      I love Röbert so much.



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